24 December 2010

Santa Is On His Way...

21 December 2010


On Monday, my brother Clay and I picked up Syden from school and the first question he asked was, "Where is Aunt Tennille?" Great to see you as well, Sy. Today, Tennille came up with a plan to embarrass Syden by meeting him inside the school with a little gift.

We also walked around the building since my Grandpa painted two murals for the school. So many memories of my grandpa flooded my mind as I looked at his artwork on display. Below is one of the murals at Sy's school.

18 December 2010


The night started at a Mortuary for the Annual Christmas Luminary, a magnificent sight. We then traveled the valley in search of over-the-top lights, met Santa, and I forgot to give him my Christmas list. I better write a letter soon.

17 December 2010

MOTAB featuring Archie

Several months ago, I registered for the MOTAB Christmas concert knowing I would most likely be in Oregon. I guess I wanted to try my luck and luck is exactly what I have. Or maybe my parents are the lucky ones since it was their registration that was awarded tickets to the coveted MOTAB and David Archuletta concert at the Conference Center.

Meags, B, Shan, and I decided to head downtown a couple hours before the show, buy dinner, and then head to the forever long lines at the Conference Center. B and Shan stood in line at one place while Meags and I went across the street and made an executive decision to buy rolls and other snacks and going out to dinner after the concert. We met a woman named Kristy who bought 6 of the 12 rolls from us which was such a brilliant business decision. The line at the conference center moved quickly and soon we were in our seats awaiting the sweet sounds of music and narration. The only time a smile left my face during the concert was when the girl behind me took off her shoes and put her bare feet on the back of my chair with her toes hanging dangerously close to my head. Other than that, it really was a magical night filled with music, dancing, and the telling of the birth of Jesus by Michael York. We walked back to the car while wearing Holiday Specs which transforms an ordinary light into an angel, star, or snowflake.

16 December 2010

The Bob's

As I was reading the local newspaper this morning, I learned that a beloved building in Provo was on fire, the Provo Tabernacle. While attending BYU, I participated in a Stake Choir which was anything but ordinary. For example, did your stake choir have a brass section? I didn't think so. Each Thanksgiving/Christmas, the stake choir sang in the tabernacle and one of the favorite songs was Come Thou Fount. We also had an Easter Sunrise Service which was an experience I will never forget as we listened to Stake President Truman G Madsen. Our Organist is now the Associate Director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. We often sang music arranged by Mack Wilberg as the director of the choir, Jim Kasen, was a friend of Mack's. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to sing in the choir and be around amazing people, but I must admit that I most appreciate two friends I met during this time, Bob L and Bob R(also known as Leah and RayLynne.) We spent a lot of time together and soon we found ourselves in a pre-law class, which is when we became 'Bob'. Bob R and I drove to Idaho when Bob L was married and Bob L drove in a snowstorm to be with me when I first went to the temple. Bob R is getting married soon and I look forward to being with her on that date. Being in the Bob friendship has changed my life and I know I am truly blessed.

15 December 2010

Is Love Alive?

I visited a friend yesterday and as we discussed the daily details of our life, she asked me I would help her wrap presents. I was happy to climb stairs and gather supplies for a friend in need and had a great time wrapping and talking about life. The simple question of asking to help wrap gifts has made me think a lot about my own life. How often do I ask others to help me with what may appear as a simple task? I often try to conquer life battles alone rather than allowing others to support and assist when possible. I admire my friend for asking me to help and my heart was softened as I realized once again that there is so much love around.

13 December 2010

A Christmas Wish

The governor couldn't attend the Premier of "A Christmas Wish" so he asked my friend and I to attend in his place. It may not have happened exactly that way, but my friend does work at the governor's office and we were given the governor's tickets for the movie. The movie was well cast and the story was somewhat predictable and yet, enjoyable.

12 December 2010

Christmas Song

While decorating my parent's home for Christmas, my niece started singing, "We dish you a Merry Christmas. We dish you a Merry Christmas. We dish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year." I turned to Avry and attempted to sing her the correct song only to hear Avry again sing, "We dish you a Merry Christmas..."

Fast forward to a couple of days ago when I received a call from Avry's mother. She began explaining that Avry was watching tv and called her mom into the room to hear a song, the above Christmas song, which was featured on a commercial. For which company was the song being used? DISH network. And the lights suddenly came on and I finally understood why Avry sang "We dish you a Merry Christmas" rather than "We wish you a Merry Christmas."

26 November 2010

Black Friday 2010

Pip, Cyndi, and I left B Town at 9p last night and slowly drove to IF. The roads were icy and I think we averaged 30 mph on the way-the things we do for shopping. Watching people while shopping provided much entertainment and I didn't start getting tired until 7a. Good thing were hitting the last store at that point and I knew I would soon be
able to sleep. We met some new friends while waiting in line at Target and Old Navy and we helped each other find items that were on our list. There was a girl selling hot chocolate to people waiting in line and she continued to remind us with her megaphone that it was cold outside. I thought about grabbing the megaphone and smashing it on the ground, but decided against violence. An employee at one store enlightened me on the quality of jewelry available at a little store called Shopko. I guess I know where to go if I'm even in the market for jewelry. Having a vehicle full of items definitely means Black Friday 2010 was a success.

25 November 2010

Spa Day

24 November 2010

Snow Day

While the snow is falling and blowing outside, Sy and Avy Shae are building us a fort so we can read books, eat popcorn, and drink hot chocolate.

20 November 2010

P Town

Lohra, Meags, and I were on our way to the BYU vs New Mexico football game when we saw 20 policeman riding motorcycles. We were tempted to speed in the hope that all 20 would pull us over. Now that would make for a great story.

Rivalry week between Utah and BYU is here which means all the statues at BYU are wrapped in plastic:

We stood to cheer for the Cougars and the two guys behind us yelled for us to sit down. After the first quarter, we moved closer and enjoyed seeing the Cougars win!

19 November 2010


Who shows up at Costco to buy a few or twenty items on the same date the former President, George W. Bush, is in town for a book signing? Well, that would be me except I had forgotten about the book signing until I approached the store. Too bad I showed up at the end and wasn't able to get a signed copy of the book.

17 November 2010

Kaleidoscope Heart

Sara Bareilles, Cary Brothers, and Holly Conlan

16 November 2010


Last month I received a copy of Essence, a monthly magazine for African American women. I write 'I' because my name and address was listed on the magazine as if I had paid for a yearly subscription. I glanced at a few articles and sent it to the recycling bin. Today I received my second issue and look forward to learning how to love my natural hair.

12 November 2010

I give thanks

Nine years ago today, I walked into the living room of my parent's home and found my dad lying on the floor complaining of a chest cold. He had left racquetball early due to not feeling well and I insisted that we were going to the hospital. Six bypasses, constant prayer, and many weeks later, he was discharged and returned home.

Today, a family member is going in for testing which will confirm a diagnosis or lead to additional testing and more of the unknown. I admire this person for being so open with their life and what is going on while I quietly contemplate what may be.

Historically, November has been a trying month for my family and at times I find myself dreading the month in which we give thanks. So today, on a day that holds many unanswered questions, I give thanks. Thanks to a Heavenly Father for inspiration and guidance. Thanks to medical professionals and advancements in medicine. Thanks for a family who stand firmly together while battling the storms of life.

I give thanks.

11 November 2010


A young boy, upon learning his mother has a debilitating disorder which can also cause hearing loss: "Mom, the first sign I want to learn is I love you."

09 November 2010

Watch out!

I was at stoplight on 7th East, preparing to enter I-80, when I noticed a small pick-up hauling a stove coming from the opposite direction and also entering I-80. The light turned green for me and I proceeded and thought, "Hmmm. Maybe I should go slow." As I made the turn, the stove fell out the side of the truck and fell into my lane. I calmly signaled and was able to switch lanes and avoid hitting the stove, grateful I had slowed down. The driver of the pick-up pulled over and hopefully no one hit the debris.

05 November 2010

Nicest Thing

Kate Nash

02 November 2010

Hello World

Meags, Shan, and I went to Lady Antebellum at The Rail Event Center.

01 November 2010

In My Veins

Andrew Belle and Tyrone Wells at Velour.

31 October 2010

Happy Halloween

26 October 2010

Brain Injury

Dear Shannon, please visit with Koji(pictured left with Jen) to learn which way a helmet should be worn. Actually, I think Shan wore it backwards on purpose. Or did she? I went to see the movie Wipe Out which documents the lives of three extreme athletes who each received a traumatic brain injury. I found myself seeing my clients instead of the faces of the athletes. After the movie, there was a panel discussion and a drawing for prizes which included helmets, goggles, headphones, and skateboards. I crossed my fingers as the first number was read and then I yelled thinking my friend had won only to see the guy in front of me retrieve his free ski passes. My heart beat faster and faster as more numbers were drawn and I imagined myself riding a bike with a brand new helmet. At the end of the night, Jen and Shan each went away with a free helmet while Bethany and I left empty handed.


I love these girls!

My friend Allison is in town for a few days and Meags and I were able to spend time with her and her twin girls Rosie and Evie. I think I better plan a trip to visit Ben, Allison, and the girls soon.

25 October 2010

Welcome, Winter

24 October 2010

Pumpkin Carving 2010

Tonight was the annual pumpkin carving party with Jamie and her family, but we missed having Nicole and Marvin in attendance. We watched football, ate dinner, and then the carving began. Jamie was pregnant last year and struggled with cutting the top of the pumpkin and put the blame on pregnancy brain. What's her excuse this year?

I decided to do a polka dot pumpkin. Easy, right? The pumpkin was looking great until I decided to slice my thumb. Jamie looked up as the knife entered and exited my thumb and ran to get a band-aid. I calmly went to the sink and used my 1st Aid certification skills to use in an effort to stop the bleeding. The MVP of the night was Super Glue for fixing the stem of my pumpkin and my finger.

23 October 2010

I am becoming Martha Stewart

My friend Corrine is quite the crafter and I mentioned that I would like to make cards with her someday. Well, that someday was today. I thought we would ease into crafting but instead I jumped off a cliff into a pool of cardstock, glitter, and stamps. The star box craft did not turn out as planned, but I can make magnets with the best of them. As for cards, I do well with copying Corrine's design. I apologize in advance if any mutual friends get the same card from Corrine and myself.

12 October 2010

On The Road Again

Sharon and I were on our way to dinner tonight when we saw this:

Yes, they are both in wheelchairs and she is helping push his wheelchair.

08 October 2010

Life Changes Quickly

One afternoon in June, I was watching the news and saw a story about a car accident involving a pregnant woman and I remember thinking, "do I know anyone who is 7 1/2 months pregnant and drives a Subara?" I would soon remember as I received a call from a friend asking if I had heard about Corrine's car accident. A man had a heart attack and drifted into oncoming traffic and hit my friend head on. Her unborn child saved my friend's life but did not survive the accident.
As I have watched my friend and her family over the past few months, I have renewed faith in the goodness of people and the strength of the human soul. Corrine spent weeks and weeks in the hospital and then a rehabilitation center before going home less than a month ago.
When I visit Corrine, she always asks about my life and that of our other friends and wants to know of our happiness, trials, and day to day life. I know she has difficult days where she wonders why this happened to her, and yet her courage and determination in her healing has taught me much. I am blessed to call her friend.

05 October 2010

This just in...

For the record, even with the worst start of a football season since 1973, I am and always will be a BYU fan. And yes, I bleed blue.

Carry on.

04 October 2010

God is awake

"I was in so much pain that I didn't have any fight left in me. I let go and decided that whatever was going to happen, would happen. I knew the hospital could not help me and there was nothing left to do except wait. The pain was so unbearable. In the past, I would keep fighting but this time, it wasn't in me."

I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach as I heard these words and I was speechless and yet, I knew that for those words to have been spoken, the pain must have been worst than ever before. My first thoughts we selfish-"You must be around when I get married. You have to meet my children." Quickly my thoughts turned to outward and I forgot about my somewhat trivial concerns.

Watching a loved one live with an illness has changed me...hopefully for the better.

"Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake."
Victor Hugo

27 September 2010

Spin Wisdom

I attended a Spin class a couple of weeks ago and I can proudly declare that I completed lotoja. The instructor had competed in the race and felt we, as a class, needed to experience the same. There were many "highlights" during class but maybe the best was when the instructor decided we would do 1 minute pushes. Now, I'm no cycling pro, but I'm pretty sure 1 minute pushes are difficult while on STATIONARY bikes. I have now completed Road Biking 101 and have dropped out of this particular class. Oh, and slow country music does not help me make it up the hill.

Tonight, Rachelle and I attended our regular Monday night Spin and it was fabulous and crazy hard. The music is different every week, we sweat...a lot, and the instructor Lisa often sings along with her music selection. Tina Turner/Lisa told me I'm "Simply the best. Better than all the rest." Then Charlie Daniels informed me that "I'm the best that's ever been." Tim McGraw and Nelly reminded me that "it's all in my head" which pushed me up the hills. At the end, Pink Floyd sang it best with the words "I have become comfortably numb."

24 September 2010

Thank you from work

Just a little something I received at the clinic today.

18 September 2010

Redfest 2010

Lohra and I went to Redfest at the U last night to see Ben Lee, fun, and Mates of State. I was feeling rather old in the sea of 18 and 19 year-olds and came to the conclusion that I have no sense of fashion. Fast forward to Mates of State because this is where things became interesting. Lohra and I made our way through the crowd and found ourselves on the 3rd-ish row. Lohra touched the fence at the front so technically she can say she was on the front row, right? Wait. We did make our way to the front row by the end of the concert. I re-learned some important lessons while at the concert:

1) Hygiene lessons should be a requirement at any concert. In fact, deodorant should be handed out at the entrance.
2) Flip flops should only be worn at a standing room only concert IF you want to lose a toenail.
3) Going to a concert with a Superfan will make or break any relationship. Background information: A tall guy on the front row knew every word and was very passionate about Mates of State. Halfway through the concert, we noticed what we assume is his girlfriend, standing behind him. Oh, and she was not singing along but did appear to kind of enjoying the show or she was planning her escape.

4) The crowd will do whatever the singer asks. For instance: a comment was made about crowd surfing and soon a line of people were surfing to the front only to be pulled down by security.
5) If you wait long enough, you may get to meet the performers.

16 September 2010


My friend Rachel invited me to a cooking class this evening. The crowd was small but oh so entertaining. We learned to make caramel rolls, pretzels, and cheeseburger surprise which was a surprise I did not like. Rachel, Meags, and I felt eating the food was more important than actually learning to make the recipes. The head baker and her cohort have an interesting dynamic that I feared may turn into a fist fight at any moment. We entered our names in a drawing, patiently watched rolls sliced, dipped and baked, and then it was time to partake of the goodness. A mom with two young children 'happened' to walk by as the food was being served which meant she no longer had to buy anything since there was free food. A couple on the front row sat in the chairs and ate off the serving plate near the end of the event. Convenient for them? Yes. Not so appealing for the rest of us? Again the answer is yes. It was then time for the drawing and I openly hoped that people would leave so I could win. Meags won a pie and I won....frozen rolls.

09 September 2010

I'm a Model

A friend called this morning asking if he could use a picture of me on Cozycush.com and after much deliberation, I said yes. He sent me the picture he wanted to use and I laughed. Find my testimonial* below.

" Its always nice to come home after classes and just relax and forget about the stress of school for a hour. My Cozy Cush is the perfect place to shut my brain off "
- Shelley M. Penn State

*No, I did not attend Penn State and those are not my thoughts about cozy cush products and yet, I do enjoy watching football while lounging on high quality foam.

06 September 2010

Hot Stuff

As per tradition, my sister, nephew Syden, and myself met my dad for breakfast at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Wimpy's has the best breakfast sandwich which I begin craving a week or two before the fair. We placed our order and talked with Glenn's(Wimpy) family. My nephew Syden turned to me and said "Shae, that guy is staring at you." What guy, I asked. "The guy over there." I'm still clueless and Syden says "Shae, the guy on the hot sauce is staring at you. You know, I can find someone like him if that's what you're interested in dating."

05 September 2010

I believe

My nephew Syden and I went to the Bull Riding event at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. As we were leaving the fairgrounds, there was a 3 year-old boy being taken to Security because he had been separated from his family. My dad, Syden, and I briefly listened as the police questioned the young boy. On the drive home, Syden asked me over and over again "What happens if the little boy's family doesn't find him." "Will the parents remember they have a son?" As we walked into my parent's home, I asked Sy if he would like to pray for the young boy. My father offered a prayer and then as I drove Sy to his house, we were able to talk about my experience with prayers being answered. Although we don't know the ending of the story for the lost little boy, I believe Sy gained a greater understanding of faith and prayer. Each moment provides an opportunity to teach and learn.

03 September 2010

Falling for...

I love fall for many reasons: leaves changing colors, cooler weather, and of course football.


28 August 2010


This morning I was a volunteer during the Sweatin' For Sarah 5K, a benefit run for a friend who was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in June. Approximately 400 people attended the event starting at Highland High School, winding through the streets of Sugarhouse and passing Sarah's house before returning to Highland High. My spot was the turn before runners passed Sarah's house and it was emotional to see Sarah greet friends, family, and community members running to raise money for Sarah. I met a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary by running for a person whom they had never met. I'm sure it was overwhelming for Sarah to see how many people love her and support her during this fight. Often, we do not get to see how many people truly care for us while we are living and I vow to make greater effort in this area to give to those around me.

23 August 2010

Dating advice

I went to Alaska last week(pictures to come. I promise.) and stayed with a family of four. The 7 year old daughter Ainsleigh spent time telling me about dating and marriage. I think my nephew must have talked to her before my trip because I felt I had heard her words before. "Be nice. Go on a date. Say yes when he asks you to marry him." Pretty simple. She gave this advice and then told me that she isn't get married because she wants to be a Spinster and stay home and watch tv all day. I wished her well.
The last night in Anchorage, we went out for dinner. Our male waiter was probably 23 years old and Ainsleigh decided I should date him. Each time the waiter came to our table, she would hit me and look up at the guy and smile. It was awesome. When it was time to go, Ainsleigh and I walked out together and we ran into the waiter. He smiled and said have a great night at which point Ainsleigh jumped up and down in excitement and continued to talk about my future with the waiter. If things work out with the guy whose name I don't know and will never see again, Ainsleigh will definitely be a bridesmaid.

06 August 2010


I went to a funeral this morning and watched a friend and her husband grieve for the loss of their child who had yet to take a breath in this life. The daughter they had been waiting for and in one tragic moment, she was gone. My friend has spent the past seven and a half months protecting and caring for this child growing within her only to have the child act as a human band-aid in a car accident and save her mother's (my friend) life.
Her physical pains and injuries are and will continue to heal in the coming months and years. Her emotional pains will take longer.

02 August 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

I arrived at my 1p meeting and was feeling confident, well dressed, and prepared...and then I realized my cardigan was inside out. Awesome. Luckily I discovered the problem as I entered the building and laughed all the way to the restroom to make the correction. I should note that I decided at the last minute to drive to Park City to look for a dress and apparently was in a hurry while in the dressing room. I bet I was quite the sight while walking out of BP. This is my life!

23 July 2010


I've spent a lot of time in Idaho this summer and I must admit that I love that place. Below are just two out of a kazillion reasons why I consider Idaho home.

Yes, that is a rope going from the tree to the pick-up.

And this is Martha. Please excuse her attire as her dress is being cleaned for winter.

19 May 2010

Federal Court Update

Sentencing for the case in which I testified was scheduled for February and then moved to May. I left a message for the witness advocate after searching the internet and finding nothing on the case. This is the message I received: Vanessa was sentenced to 20 months in federal prison, 3 years of supervised release following the prison term, and required her to pay $1,054,260 in restitution to Medicaid. Co-defendant Bret passed away in March 2010.

08 April 2010

So true

I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It is my daily mood that makes the weather. I possess tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration. I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis is escalated or de-escalated, and a person is humanized or de-humanized. If we treat people as they are, we make them worse. If we treat people as they ought to be, we help them become what they are capable of becoming.

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

22 March 2010

I'm Tough

My friends Dave and Lori talked me into going to a Krav Maga class. I was supposed to attend last week but instead decided to sit on the 7th row at the Jazz game. I enlisted Meags to attend with me and in preparation for the class, I watched Krav Maga videos. I'm not sure that was a good idea. We arrived for the class and Dave and Lori were nowhere to be found. We waited and decided that if they didn't show up by 7:14p, we would head home. At 7:13, Dave and his son drove into the parking lot and my heart stopped beating.
The class started and we ran in one direction. Dropped to the floor. Ran in the other direction. Push-ups. Jumping Jacks. We found a partner and did knee kicks and punches for what seemed like hours. Ran more and people then went outside to puke. Not me. I'm tough.
The next part of the class involved learning how to protect loved ones. I learned to take a gun from someone and then the choke hold. I'm pretty sure I will recall these moves if ever attacked, but I would kindly ask the attacker to recreate the exact things I learned in class to make it easier. I came away with some killer moves and a bruised jaw, courtesy of a Krav Maga instructor.

05 March 2010

Note to Guys

Just a thought: "Wow. You gals look like you've had the work out of your lives" is probably not the best thing to say when greeting friends at the gym.

26 February 2010


Dear Olympics,

I counted down the days until the start of the Olympics and I've faithfully watched events almost every night for the past two weeks. Ice skating is not my favorite event, but I lasted through the short and long(very, very long) program to see Evan win gold. In addition, I spent many afternoons watching hockey, cross country skiing, and curling while at the gym or working from home. I researched stories on the athletes and feel as though we are friends. One might say I'm obsessed with the Olympics and I will have to agree. BUT, I'm tired and need a break. I could turn the television off, but if I have learned anything from the Olympics, it is that I should never give up. So, I will continue watching as many events as possible and then will go into hiding for a week to catch up on sleep.




22 February 2010

Update: Missing

Gabriel, Jessica, and Kalea Morris were found this morning in Virginia. I am glad that no one was harmed during the arrest and yet, I know that this is ordeal is not over as there are many unanswered questions.


I awoke this morning to find I had 650 emails. At first, I thought I misread the number of messages and then noticed that the emails kept coming. I then wondered if maybe all 650 of my friends had sent me an email wishing me a happy birthday but that was not the case. I soon received an email from the state explaining that the server was set to run the email notification for missing information every 25 minutes before the new version was deployed and the setting was not changed after deployment. The funny thing is that much of the 'missing' information has already been completed.

16 February 2010


A childhood friend of mine, her husband, and their 4 year-old daughter are missing. They recently moved from Blackfoot, ID to Banden, Oregon and were last seen in the Mesa, Arizona area. My friends husband, Gabriel Morris, faces aggravated murder charges in the deaths of his mother and her boyfriend. Jessica did not show up for work at the beginning of February and her co-workers called the Coos County Sheriff's Office who then went to the home and found a crime scene.
I find myself searching the internet for any updated information and at times it seems unreal. I see the faces of missing children on milk cartons. I read similar stories in the newspaper and watch newscasts on missing persons and yet, I still felt disconnected. Until now.

09 February 2010


I went to a meeting with a client this afternoon, and at the end I asked if there was anything else the client would like to talk about. "Yes, Shelley, there is something I need to say. I don't want you to marry Ivan." I was shocked as everyone in the room stared at me so I started to explain the situation. On Friday, I saw this client with a staff member at the Special Olympics Volleyball tournament and we talked for a few minutes. It took me awhile to figure out that he was flirting with me and soon other staff members were encouraging the relationship. Obviously my client had no problem figuring out what was going on during the conversation. Ivan warned me to be careful with some guys because they are jerks and psychos. Thanks for the tip. I reassured my client that I would not be dating his staff and he said it's okay if I date Ivan and receive a ring from him, but I am not allowed to marry him.

04 February 2010

Bad Hair

I was talking to Pip this morning and she proceeded to tell me a story about my niece Avry Shae. Avry was upset about something and said "I want Shelley." Ah, my heart began to melt. Pip continued with the story. "Avry, do you want the cat or Aunt Shelley(Shae)?" Uh, wait a minute. There is a cat named Shelley?! Apparently, my niece and nephew think so highly of me that they decided to name a cat after me. Bless them. "I want Shelley. The one with the tangled hair." Whoa! I think this girl is confused. My hair is curly, not tangled.

03 February 2010

Scared of the Tax Man

I approach the road that leads me home when I see him. The tax service sign holder. You know, the guy who wears the statue of liberty outfit and has a large red foam hand he waves as I drive by. At first, I would smile and wave, but now I avoid. I think he's memorized my ritualistic comings and goings and just when I think I've made it home without a tax man sighting, 'Ta-Da,' he appears out of nowhere.

*Disclaimer: I understand the tax man gets paid to wave at me and really, I should think of him as my own person welcome home committee. On the flip side, maybe I like to keep a low profile and I think he may be logging my every move in some secret notebook he keeps on his person.

25 January 2010


"To put away aimlessness and weakness, and to begin to think with purpose, is to enter the ranks of those strong ones who only recognize failure as one of the pathways to attainment, who make all conditions serve them, and who think strongly, attempt fearlessly, and accomplish masterfully." James Allen