28 December 2007

I've been tagged

Thanks for tagging me Stef. Here is a list of 6 random facts about me:

1) I love going to the dentist. I'm sure it helps that I can watch movies while my teeth are being cleaned, but I loved going to the dentist before watching movies was an option. Oh how I love clean teeth.
2) I can't open a jar of peanut butter without dry heaving. For some reason, the smell of a newly opened jar of peanut butter makes me sick. Lohrs, do you think you can help me with this?
3) I wish I was an artist. My grandpa was an artist-he painted, made a wagon and a sleigh, made his own saddles, belts, built his house. I could go on, but won't. I loved watching him work in his studio. Don't tell me that anyone can draw because I don't believe it-I've tried. Maybe I should take lessons, but I'm not sure it would be worth it because I already think I'll fail.
4) I want to travel the world and a must see is Russia. Maybe I should have been born in Russia. Not really, but a guy did tell me I should have.
5) I got stuck in an elevator when I was 3 years old. According to my parents, I either didn't get off the elevator when everyone else did or I got on without anyone else, but the point is, I got stuck and it was scary.
6) I worked at a Monster Truck rally one weekend in high school. Pretty redneck huh? I even took a ride in a monster truck and have pictures to prove it.

27 December 2007

Christmas Surprise

My parents and I were on our way to take Grandma Bingham home after the Christmas dinner we had at my aunt and uncle's house when I asked my dad to drop me off first. Dropping me off before taking grandma home wasn't out of the way so I felt fine about demanding, uh asking, my parents for this one little favor.
I was playing the piano when the doorbell rang. I looked through the peep hole and didn't see anyone. My first thought was "I hope I don't get shot when I answer the door." I must be watching way too many scary movies. I opened the door prepared to karate chop whoever dared come to the house on Christmas, but instead of a thief, I saw my niece Brinley with a bow on her head. She smiled at me and said Merry Christmas Shelley. I gave her a hug and we went into the house and of course I shut the door on my brother, sister-in-law, and niece Noelle. I didn't do it on purpose. I was so excited about seeing Brinley that I momentarily forgot that she probably didn't hitchhike to Blackfoot, ID. My brother parked their vehicle down the road so my parents would be surprised, but they saw Clay walking up the drive-way.
I think my sister and brother-in-laws reactions were the best. I rang the doorbell with Brinley by my side and Pip and Travista kept looking at Brinley and then at me. This is what I heard: "What?" "That looks like Brinley." "What?" "Wait. What's going on?" Finally my nephew Syden came into the room and said, "Hey, it's Brinney. I didn't think she was coming for Christmas. This is the best." My sister said she was trying to figure out where I had found a child and why I brought the child to their house. My sister must think I'm crazy.
Having my brother and sister and their family's home for the holidays was the best present of all.

19 December 2007

Christmas is coming

Hi, my name is Shelley and I'm a Christmas shopping procrastinator. Admitting I have a problem is the first step right? I've made at least 2 kazillion lists of what I need to buy this year and I finally went shopping on Friday. My New Year's Resolutions for 2007 did not include delaying my shopping until the week before Christmas, but I'm up for the challenge.
The plan was to be finished with my shopping by the 1st of December, but that date has come and gone and I still haven't shipped the presents to my brother and his family in Oregon. Sorry Clay, Tennie, Brinners, and Noelle-a-belle. At the rate I'm going, you will receive a package from me on or before July 4, 2008. My intentions are good, in fact they are great. I'm trying to be more practical in my gift giving to family members and I know they will love that[insert 1/2 c of sarcasm here]. Shouldn't my time spent with each of them be gift enough?
I should stop before I sound like an even bigger Scrinch (Scrooge + Grinch). I love Christmas. I love the bright sky after a snow storm. Sledding. Hot chocolate. Walking like a Duckguin (Duck + Penguin) and becoming an ice skater even when I don't want to. Sleigh Rides. Christmas music. Time with family. Sugar Cookies. Adding random items to my mom's nativity. Singing with my dad and sister in church and at the State Hospital and Prison. Christmas lights. Family Talent Show on Christmas Eve. Ugly Sweater and White Elephant Parties. Shopping. I'm serious. I love shopping. I stop buying myself gifts at the beginning of December or else I'll open presents on Christmas morning and have to confess to my parents that I already own everything they bought for me.
It's too late to go back and change my procrastinating ways this year, but look out 2008. I'll be ready for you. In fact, maybe I'll start my 2008 Christmas shopping in January. Nah. Who am I kidding? Baby steps is what I need to keep in mind so I'll plan on starting my shopping next year on December 1st.
Merry Christmas!

16 December 2007

Rio of the Cafe

I spent a lot of time at Cafe Rio on Friday. Nicki, Andrea, and I worked together at Tri Connections. Nicki was a support staff and eventually became a program manager over Supported Employment and Andrea was the program manager over Family Support and Supported Living. Andrea and I both work for the State, and Nicki is a stay at home mom living in Mississippi with her husband Joe and son Chase.
I forgot how much I loved working with Nicki and Andrea until we spent a couple hours reminiscing about our job working with individuals with a developmental disability. We supported and leaned on one another through: break-ups, a miscarriage, attempts to quit smoking, running a 5K, death of a co-worker, our office being closed, and a move across the country. Through it all, we have remained good friends and my life is blessed because of them. Nicki's son Chase was recently diagnosed with cortical visual impairment and he has multiple seizures everyday. Nicki knew there was something wrong months ago, but the doctor wouldn't listen to her. Andrea and I emailed and spoke to her on the phone encouraging her to keep fighting because she knew her child better than anyone and if she felt something was wrong, she was probably right. Chase now has a new doctor and Nicki is finally being heard and Chase is receiving the care he needs. Chase may not be able to see, but he knows the voice of his mother because whenever Nicki spoke, Chase would turn his head in her direction. So many life lessons shared during this lunch.

Friday night I ate at Rio with Chantelle, Meagan, Shannon, Kaydi, Sue, Suzy, and Becky. Kaydi was in town from Portland for 24 hours and I had to see her. I was so excited to see her that I couldn't stop myself from holding her hand while our picture was being taken. Kaydi tells the best stories so the next time you see her, be sure to ask her about the shark tooth and ask her to show you her camera case. I laughed so much during dinner and the rest of the night was just as entertaining. A few highlights from the white elephant party included: Chuck Norris t-shirts, inflatable guitars, a pregnancy test, a love machine robot that sings and dances, and an outhouse calendar.
Friday, December 14, 2007 is a day I will not forget.

07 December 2007

You'll shoot your eye out

I was driving down the road with Emilee and Martha enjoying the Christmas lights when I saw something that made me smile. I did a double take to make sure my eyes weren't playing a trick on me. There in the window was a leg lamp and a red rider BB gun just like the ones in the movie A Christmas Story. I parked the car, got out my camera, left my purse on the hood of my car, and crossed the street with Emilee and Martha to get a better look and a picture. I expected the owner of the home to come to the window at any moment while we were gawking at the window, but no one came. I got my pictures and we were out of there. What a night.
My family watches this movie every year. It's a cheesy movie, but it's tradition to watch at least part of the 24 hours of A Christmas Story on TNT. Bless you TNT.

04 December 2007

101 things to do with a potato(or maybe just 3)

So much talk of potatoes this week. I find myself becoming excited just talking about potatoes and the planting and harvesting of those starchy wonders. I love potatoes. There, I've said it. I'll have you know that Blackfoot, Idaho is the potato capital of the world. I don't know how the world decided that Blackfoot is the capital, but that's just how it is folks so deal with it or better yet, eat a potato.
Blackfoot even has a potato museum with a giant potato out front. It's not a real potato, but it's great place to bungee jump off of, it's that large of a potato. Being from Blackfoot, I felt it my civic or potato duty to work in a potato processing plant one summer. The pay was great for a college student and who knew I'd reconnect with so many friends from high school. No need to attend my class reunion, I saw them everyday at work. Maybe not everyday because I only lasted 12 hours. I'm getting ahead of myself. I was put to work in the scalloped potato room. The smell was awful and the potatoes danced by me on a conveyor belt. Watching the potatoes do the swing was enough to upset my stomach and send me straight to the garbage can. The best part was that it was all caught on video and soon my supervisor showed up with some peppermints. "Don't worry, a lot of people throw up on their first day. It'll get better." Better? Of course things will get better. I knew in that moment I would not be going back...ever again. I lasted the 12 hours with my best friend can, as in garbage can, and waited patiently for my ride. I got home and announced I wasn't going back and my parents knew I was serious. Oh the joy of potatoes.
Idaho cares about the education of the children of the future so much so that we had the best art supplies-a potato. I've never had a better stamp in my life. Try it. It's inexpensive and when you are finished with the art project, you can cut the potato into fries and eat them as a snack.
Speaking of eating potatoes, I have a huge bag of potatoes at my place, so stop by for some art lessons and fries. See you soon.

19 November 2007

Attraction isn't a choice...

I had an interesting conversation with a guy a few weeks ago. He said: "Attraction isn't logical and it isn't a choice. What a person says they want and who they are actually attracted to are two different things. We aren't attracted to someone because it makes sense or the person is smart or rich."
After this conversation, I started conducting research on the subject of attraction. Now, you would think that I would ask family and friends who have been attracted to someone else, but instead I started my research on the internet. Wikipedia is one amazing site. With the click of the mouse, I can change history. Most of the information I found supported this guys thought that attraction isn't a choice. As I studied, I felt that every argument for their case(whoever they are) was a contradiction and seemed to support the notion that attraction is a choice.
Perhaps, attraction should be defined before one can decide if it is a choice. Merriam-webster defines attraction as "a force acting mutually between particles of matter, tending to draw them together, and resisting their separation." After my research on the world wide web, I sat down and assessed attraction. Did I choose to be attracted to Griffin Bio from freshman biology in college? Was it his amazing blue eyes? His knowledge of biological terms or was I naturally and involuntarily attracted to him?
So I turn to you, my fellow bloggers. I'd love to hear what you think-Is attraction a choice? Person(s) with the best or most interesting answers may be rewarded.

17 November 2007

Clean-up after yourself and your dog

Nancy and I had a wonderful wake-up smell Friday morning. We were heading to the clubhouse for a Pilates work-out when we noticed something by the door in the lobby. As we got closer, we both looked at the mess and then looked at each other and said SICK! Someone's dog threw up by the door and the owner didn't bother to clean up the mess.
I'm willing to cut the owner some slack if the following happened 1) he or she didn't know the dog threw up and/or 2) it was a stray dog that somehow opened the door to the lobby, threw up and then left.
I came home from work later that day and I held my breath as I entered the building. I entered the code and I heard a beeping sound that meant I entered the wrong code. I was trapped with the throw-up. I finally entered the right code and could breath again. This experience is testing my breath support. Another condo owner wrote a nice note and attached it to the window with band-aids thanking whoever decided to leave the mess.
Fast forward to Saturday morning and my executive decision. I was going to clean the mess if it hadn't been cleaned up. I exited the stairs and smelled the present that was left and knew that I quite possibly would be the one cleaning the mess. I came back from my errands and Stan was walking into the building with a now empty bottle of 409 and I knew he had saved the day, our noses, and the building. I took in a deep breath of the cleaner and thanked Stan for taking care of the mess.

15 November 2007

Are you questioning my fanhood?

"You shouldn't talk about sports with guys. They'll never ask you out if they think you know more about sports than they do."
MJ walks into the office and starts talking to BT about a football game over the weekend. I pretend to be working on a project, but I'm really listening to the weekend sports update. I open and close my mouth many times and bite my lip to stop myself from saying anything until I can't take it anymore. "Did you see that touchdown pass?" I blurt out and then instantly regret my comment when I see 'the look.' It's the 'I'm a guy so I know sports, you're a girl which means you don't know anything look. I'm getting used to that look, but that doesn't mean I like it. I admit there are times when I pretend to not know much about a sport when I first meet someone. MJ goes back to discussing the great plays of the game, but BT interrupts him. "Shelley knows her stuff." MJ laughs and keeps talking, but I'm beginning to think that I was right when I thought MJ gets his sports information from the newspaper and not by actually watching a game once in awhile. "No, really, she knows sports" BJ exclaims. I feel like I'm in a glass box watching my life unravel before me and any moment now I will be laughed at or shunned. This is followed by MJ giving my other favorite look. It's the 'So you think you know sports? I'll be the judge of that look.' MJ quizzes me and I must have answered correctly because since that day MJ comes to the office every Monday to chat sports with BT...and me.
My sports knowledge isn't much, but it'll do for now. I have been known to spout off stats to guys who seem cocky just to let them know they don't know everything. Probably not the best way to handle those situations, but until I find a better solution, that's how it will be. I watch sports because I love the 'game', not so I can make someone feel stupid or to show how much I might know. Growing up, life was playing and watching sports with family and friends.
In college my guy friends thought it was fun to play Mascot Trivia. They would say the name of a college and I was supposed to know the mascot and a couple players from either their football or basketball team. I didn't always know the mascot or who played for a certain team, but it was a great game.
I have a friend who wants me to date a guy she knows. Why? Partly because he's a guy and I'm a girl, but also because she thinks we're the perfect sports match. The plan was to meet after a basketball game, but his team lost to my team and he didn't feel like meeting. Uh, okay. I'm not sure I want to date someone who is that passionate or zealous about a team. Still haven't met the guy, but maybe if his team ever beats my team, we can finally meet...unless I lock myself in my room after the loss.
There's something about sports that makes me happy. Seeing two teams who have prepared for competition battle for bragging rights and so much more is what I love. So the next time we talk about sports, understand that I am not trying to hurt your ego and most of the time I will let you think you know more-I'm that nice.

04 November 2007

Year of the Constitution

During college I thought about being a lawyer, a constitutional lawyer to be more precise. I took many pre-law classes and was scared out of my mind. I remember looking around the classroom one day and thinking I would never make it as a lawyer. My Constitutional Law professor, Dr. C., was demanding and challenging. He is a Harvard graduate and one of the most brilliant people I have met. He had our names written on index cards and would randomly call on us to answer questions such as: Which amendment does Marbury v Madison discuss and which justices concurred with the decision and which justices dissented? The tests in his class were essays and I remember working so hard for that class and I am happy to say that I did pretty well in a class full of future lawyers and judges. I never went to law school, but I still have time right?

Cecil O. Samuelson, BYU's president, and his wife spoke on the Constitution at a forum in September. President Samuelson is calling this the Year of the Constitution and encouraged all students to read a book about the Constitution. Chief Justice John G. Roberts, chief justice of the Supreme Court, was the forum speaker in October and he also spoke on the the Constitution. He encouraged students to not only read a book about the Constitution, but to also read the Constitution.
After listening to both forum addresses, I have decided to follow the counsel given and read the Constitution and at least one book on the Constitution in the coming year. I started searching for a book when Chief Justice Roberts said that one of the best books to read is The Federalist Papers. Well, that solves the dilemma of choosing a book. I have much to learn about this document, how it came to be, and how it shapes our lives today. I can't wait to start reading.

02 November 2007

Triple Yay

After work today I decided to run at Sugarhouse park rather than go to the gym and run on a treadmill while watching a movie and listening to music. My attention span while running on a treadmill is minimal, if not, non-existent unless I have many things to see and listen to.
I have an extra keyless entry remote for my car that I attach to my shoes or put in my pocket, if I have a pocket. I've attached the remote to my shoes hundreds of times before and I figured today would be much the same. I finished one lap, looked down, and realized the remote was gone. AHHHH! I was surprisingly calm and quickly ran back the way I came while looking for the remote. I watched people as I passed and wondered if they had picked up the remote. A couple times I panicked and kept praying and hoping I would either find the remote or someone else would find it and be waiting at my car for me to arrive. I sat at my car for a few minutes contemplating my options when a couple drove up in their pick-up. I decided to ask them if I could use their phone to call someone. I asked this particular couple to use their phone for a number of reasons which included: 1) she had a sticker on the pick-up that read 'Run like a girl' 2) he wore a Boston Red Sox jacket and 3) they had a dog. I explained the situation and they allowed me to call someone. Uh, do you think I have any numbers memorized? Of course not. I knew I could call my mom or Pip and they could call Yizz, but no one answered at either house. The lady whom we shall call Deb said she had AAA so she called and arranged for someone to come within 30-40 minutes. I sat around watching people, completed an ab workout, and listened to music. While waiting I laughed to myself because earlier in the day I couldn't figure out what to do between working out and going to a Simply Fun game party, and there I was sitting at the park not sure if I would make it to the party at all.
Eventually the yellow van showed up and the door was unlocked. I found the couple who had let me borrow their AAA card and thanked them over and over again.
Thank goodness for kind people who have AAA and use that to help others in need. Guess I'll be making copies of my key this weekend.

23 October 2007

Open up your mind and through it let the wisdom pour

I write. I save. I delete. I write. I save. I delete. And the cycle continues. Maybe sometime within the next year I will actually post this on my blog.
The past month has been an interesting one to say(or write) the least. Much has happened in the life of those I love, including myself of course.
~Aching for a sick child
~Seeing potential in a loved one and holding on to the hope that they too will see what you see
~Realizing some things don't last forever
~Heartache after a break-up
~Feeling strength from those who matter most
~Fear of failure, but enjoying the journey wherever it may lead
~Publishing research in a national journal
~Worrying someone you love will be gone too soon
~ Cherishing every moment
~Road-tripping with the girls
~Sleep-overs and bedtime stories

11 October 2007

Quick Trip, Great Stories

I went to the land of snow and wind this past weekend. Snow covered the mountains and several times while driving I wanted to stop and climb the mountain and look out over the land below. I didn't climb anything except the stairs to my parents home for many reasons: I was wearing flip flops, wasn't wearing a jacket, and I was tired.
Anxious to see Syden and Avy Shae, I called my sister Pip as soon as I unloaded the car and said hello to the parentals. Grandma Bingham, Pip, Travista, and the kids came for Sunday dinner and some free entertainment.

Let me tell you about the entertainment. Syden pulled out a tooth and 'played' the piano. Avy Shae insisted on playing the piano with her behind and laughing uncontrollably while doing so. This little girl doesn't like people to sing to her...unless they sing off-key, which I just happen to do professionally. It's difficult, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy, even if everyone else clears the room when I sing.
Pip, Syden, and I drove to grandma Bingham's house to see the snowman and to play in the backyard. My grandpa built a tree house when I was younger and I think it has shrunk a little.
On Monday morning Syden was worried I would make him miss the school bus. I was sitting in the living room and Syden said to me: "When are you going to be done with your face so we can go?" WHAT?! I laughed so hard. Kids these days.
My favorite part of the weekend was hearing my dad read to the kids and seeing Avy Shae follow my mom around the house giving her hugs and kisses. Doesn't get much better than that.

09 October 2007

What's next?

I haven't blogged in awhile and I have a lot to say, so pay attention.
I'd like to start with a story and I know we all love story time. I thought the day was going rather well until I left work to buy milk. I couldn't decide what size milk to buy and the smaller containers were so far back I would have to climb into the freezer to get one or ask for assistance and who wants to ask for help? Not me. So I grab a gallon of milk and get everything else on my list. Okay, I didn't actually make a list, but I knew what I needed to buy. I decided at the last minute that I didn't want a whole gallon of milk so I went back and climbed into the freezer for a smaller container. I proceeded to the self check-out and the strap or handle on my purse breaks. You might be thinking that it could be worse, but it was. My bag wasn't zipped so most of my belongings fell onto the floor. I laughed and put everything back into the now broken bag. A few of the items wouldn't scan so that delayed my shopping experience as well. I made it home and had to figure out how to get everything up the stairs to the condo. I had a brilliant idea that I should pour my water out so the bottle would be lighter. Smart? That's what I thought...until I dropped one of the shopping bags and had to pick up the items. Then I picked up the bag with milk inside and the bottom of the bag was filled with milk. Of course some of the milk was on my seat and I didn't have any water to clean the spillage. I again laughed and wrapped the now soaked loaf of bread and popcorn in a poncho I had in the trunk of my car and made it to my home. What a day. Maybe I shouldn't go out in public for the rest of the week if this afternoon is a preview of what is to come.

26 September 2007

You give so I give

I've been thinking about people lately. Okay, maybe not just lately, but always and probably forever. We humans are fascinating creatures and just when I think I have someone figured out they go and do something completely out of the norm. They've gotta stop doing that-it throws me off and messes with my mind, which might be why they do what they do. I won't go into more detail about that, but I do want to share a few things I've observed recently.
1) Let's talk work for a minute. I attend staff meeting with my unit every other week and some units meet every week. My supervisor made a treat schedule so we take turns bringing something for the unit to eat while we discuss work for 20 minutes. Fine. Sometimes our meetings are at least 25 minutes long so having something to eat is very important. Here's something I've noticed with the treats- the person bringing treats wants to bring better treats than the person brought to the last meeting. The co-workers in my unit are pretty great in that we don't care if we have a treat and if we do remember to bring something it's donuts or a bag of chips or whatever else is 2/$5 at the Walmart down the road. One co-worker in a different unit brought McDonald's for everyone in her unit. The next week(they meet weekly) a co-worker gave everyone flowers 'just because' and brought a huge cake and drinks. Nice-yes. Necessary-no. Does the person give so much because they want to or because they feel obligated to do so?
2) This is also something concerning work. Every year we have a Holiday party and usually the employees pay for their own lunch or dinner at the party and the company pays for the entertainment. Well, people have been complaining so someone(I'd like to kick someone, whoever she or he is) decided each unit should be in charge of a party to raise money for the dinner and entertainment for this years celebration of the Holidays. Don't get me wrong, I love dunking my co-workers, eating chips and salsa, bidding on items at the silent auction, and playing bingo, but here's what I find most amusing. People are using the argument "Since we are having these parties, we won't have to pay for dinner at the Holiday Party." WHAT?! Who do you think is buying the tickets to dunk people, to eat the chips and salsa and play bingo? The answer is we are(and in the end you're paying quadruple what you paid for last years dinner), so we're still playing for the party, but keep telling yourself you don't have to pay for anything for the party this year if it makes you sleep easier.
3) One last thought to share, and of course it stems from a situation at work. Have you ever gotten an email at work that says "so and so is getting[insert activity here] and we're having a shower. Bring a gift and be ready to have some fun." Doesn't matter if you started yesterday, be at the shower or else. Then a co-worker goes around the office collecting money for the gift. Or my favorite is when the email states, "an envelope is at the front desk so stop by on your way home and leave some money with the receptionist." How many people give money even when they don't have money to buy groceries, or they give according to how much another person has given so as to not look like the cheapskate they are?
I know the situations about happen outside of the workplace, but work is the reference I have to use for my rantings. It's great to bring treats for a meeting, hang out with co-workers 'outside' our regular work schedules, and bring gifts for a shower; but I wonder about our motivation behind doing any of the above. Do we give because we feel pressured to do so or because someone else is giving?

18 September 2007

I don't need anyone...

in-de-pen-dent, adjective (1): not subject to control by others

Why is it so hard for me to ask for help? I build walls around myself and few make it past the first level of defense. Most get stuck by the flesh eating dragons, the thorny bushes surrounding the wall, or the myriad of other traps I have set in case someone is intruding.

Here's a story that may or may not be true that illustrates my independent streak. Once upon a time a girl named Emily moved into the condo where I live. I soon discovered she was very unstable and was told I could help her because I'm a social worker. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy helping people, but to come home to someone who was very needy and manilpulative was not good for my mental health. Emily was soon evicted, but not before she pushed my roommate and kept the key to the front door. I decided to change the locks myself. I bought a new lock and started on the project, but soon encountered some dificulties. I took the old doorknob off and tried to replace it with the new one and it wasn't fitting right. Eventually I put the old lock back on and admitted defeat. I am happy to report that Jason came to the rescue and fixed the door and a number of other items in the condo.

The other night my friend Lohra called saying she couldn't turn off the dome light in her car. I took some tools down to her and she took off the sunglass holder and fixed the light-amazing. My roommate Jen likes to call me when there's a project that needs attention in the condo. The dishwasher won't close, the fridge isn't staying cold, or the batteries in the smoke alarm need to be replaced. The funny thing is that if I can't figure out what's wrong I call my dad-he lives in Idaho. What's he going to do? I'm not sure, but he's the one I call. Last summer I got a flat tire and again my dad was the first person I called. He talked me into calling someone to help me change the tire and Steve dropped everything and came right over.

So, what I am to learn from these experiences? For the most part I can get by on my own, but it's okay to ask for help. I have to start tearing down the walls I build. I can't expect others to do all the work to get by the dragons. You'd think that seeing my friends with wounds from the thorns and bits of their flesh torn off their bodies would be enough for me to let them in, but for now it isn't. I'll get there. Until then, I don't need anyone or at least that's what I try to convince myself.

16 September 2007

Peanut Sauce anyone

My friend Allison is getting married next month so some friends got together for a Bridal Shower/Dinner/Girl's Night/you get the point night. As soon as I walked into the restaurant and met our waiter, I knew we would have a great time. We had Allison wear a pink feather boa and a tiara with an attached veil during dinner-what a trooper. Such a good idea to go out to eat so no one had to make all the food, come up with a games(not such a fan of games played at bridal showers), or find a place large enough to accommodate everyone.

Near the end of the evening I felt something or someone brush against the back of my shirt. I turned to see a waitress looking at me with a horrified expression. She started to apologize and said something had spilled onto my shirt and she would clean my shirt for me. She continued to apologize and I told her not to worry about it-I thought it was funny, except that I smelled like peanut sauce the rest of the night. When I took Allison home her dogs were sniffing at my skirt and I just knew they too could smell peanut sauce. What a funny experience.

Being with the girl's to celebrate Allison's upcoming wedding was just what I needed. Having great friends is something I cherish and I'd like to think I make an honest effort to be a better friend, but I know there's always room for improvement.

05 September 2007

Semantics Schemantics

I wanted to write about words and their meaning for quite awhile. I am a book snob and sometimes a word Nazi. My friend La-oo-rah wrote a blog that says everything I would want to say so please do the following:

1) look to the right side of the screen where you will see Blog Chaos
2) Click on La-oo-rah, or is it Lohra? Hmmm. Pretty sure it's La-oo-rah
3) read Anti-semantics (copyright Stefanie Star Snow, Esq., Inc., & Co.) and then come back to my blog. This can be accomplished by clicking on the back button on your computer screen. If you don't know where to find the back button, you are an idiot and I can't help you. Please call 1-800-IAM-DUMB. Just a little joke friends.

Welcome back to my blog, if you figured out how to get back here after reading about Anti-Semantics. Come back weekly to read more of my thoughts and in no time at all, you will be a more intelligent person and you might be known as a book snob and a word Nazi. Everyone wants to be me, so don't fight the feeling.

03 September 2007


How do traditions get started and why? My family has been going to the Eastern Idaho State Fair for as long as I can remember, and that's a really long time. The excitement of watching(or clogging in) the parade and then heading to the fair for food, rides, and everything else the fair has to offer. When I was old enough I worked at the fair selling gate admission tickets. I loved seeing friends from my past, making new friends, and watching people come and go all day long. What can I say? I love watching people.
I packed a bag and left for Idaho Friday afternoon. Thinking about our yearly fair traditions made me so anxious to go home. There really is no place like home. Last week was pretty crazy so just knowing that I could drive 2 1/2 hours and be in a place where I could be free from all the worries with work, friends, etc. was incredible. I would be surrounded by people who know WAY too much about me and for some reason still love and accept me. What a great feeling.
My dad takes a week off work to be one of the gate superintendents and I take advantage of the perks that go along with his job. To protect the innocent I won't divulge what perks I receive, but I will point out that the only thing I paid for while at the fair was food so somehow I got into the fair, the bull riding, and the tractor pull for free.
My sister Pip lives on Shilling St which is the street for the parade so we fenced off an area in her front yard and showed up Saturday morning just in time for the police cars to blare their sirens signaling the start of the parade. This year the Idaho Falls firefighters bagpipe band(or group-what do you call a bunch of bagpipers?) played Amazing Grace and it was...amazing. Things I saw during the parade included: horses, go-karts, high school bands, candy being thrown to children, politicians, kids wearing plastic bags as hats, and one of my best friends from elementary school.
Saturday night Pip and I went to the fair with her kids Syden and Avry. We saw the animals-cows, horses, rabbits, reptiles, friends from school(no need to attend my class reunion because I saw everyone at the fair), and we also went to the bull riding event. Time at the fair wouldn't be complete without going to the Bull riding or the rodeo. Sunday Pip, the kids and I visited our Aunt Joyce. Her Schnauzer had puppies and Pip is trying to convince her husband Travis that they need another dog-they already have a boxer named Jack. I predict Jack will eat the puppy if they get one.
Every Labor Day we have breakfast at the fair at a booth called Wimpy's and this year was no exception. I'm not a fan of pancakes, but there's something about the way Wimpy makes his pancakes that I can't resist eating at least one. It's fun to catch up on everything that's happened in the past year with those working at Wimpy's.
Ah, traditions. Who knows how the fair tradition started and it's a simple one, but something I look forward to every year. It's great to be at the fair, sampling new foods, looking at hot tubs and camper trailers, but what I love most is being with my family and creating new memories.
I hope this tradition never dies.

29 August 2007

Here a blog, there a blog

Blogs are taking over the world...kind of. Or maybe it's like when I bought an Altima and the only cars I see on the road are Altima's or if I buy a new shirt and I suddenly see 5 kabillion of my closest friends(yes, I do have that many friends) with the same one.
So I started to blog and am finding that much of the world is blogging and I never knew. Where have I been? The great thing is that I don't expect anyone to read what I write so I can write exactly what I'm thinking and not worry I may say, do, or write something that someone may or may not interpret incorrectly. This blogs for me. Yup, I'm being selfish and I love it. I don't think we take enough time for ourselves to really think about life or to express our thoughts, desires, feelings, etc.
Experiences this past week have taught me yet again(I'm a slow learner) that I need to live my life for me and do what I can to create my own happiness wherever I am. I also learned that we really have no clue what our friends or the stranger next door is dealing with and maybe, just maybe, it might be worth it to find out. Do we have the same conversation over and over again or do we seek to truly get to know people and ask questions that require more than a yes or no answer?
I've got a lot to learn...

28 August 2007

Book Snob...blah blah blah

I've been told lately that I am a book snob and, well, I agree. Wait, dont' stop reading-let me explain. I'm obsessed with books. I have decided we all have a little part of ourselves that is OCD and mine has to do with books. I feel the need to buy every book I read and sometimes this can get me into trouble because I may buy a book and hate it and then what am I to do with the book? One option is to give the book to a friend, but why subject them to the lameness and stupidity of which I have just read. It's similar to when I taste something gross and without thinking turn to a friend and say, try this.
Meanwhile back to books and my OCD and quite possibly a little ADD. It pains me at times to lend books to people for fear that the book will come back looking used. Ridiculous I know. Books are to be read. And I do read and I even write in the margins of my books so I've come a long way thanks to my psychotherapist Dr. Shae. I am also partial to Penguin Publishing and hardback books, but I don't like the dust jackets.
So I've been thinking a lot about my reading habits lately and decided to read something new. Curious to know what happened? Don't be, but I'm going to expound anyway. The book was terrible and I joke that I could write a better book and I probably can't, but I guess that type of book is what America and the known world enjoys reading which means I must be some alien creature who belongs in, hmmmm, Russia? You may now call me Shellinskaya.

24 August 2007

It all started when...

I have two friends who are to be blamed, er, thanked for the start of this blog. They shall remain nameless, but just for fun let's call them La-oo-rah and Stef Star Snow Esquire. These two are master bloggers and I fear that my blog will be a disappointment to bloggers everywhere. I've got nothing to lose, so here I go a-bloggin'.