30 May 2011

In Memory

For as long as I can remember, Memorial Day has included BBQ's with family and visiting cemeteries to place flowers on the headstones of loved ones. This year, my parents and I cleaned headstones and talked about memories of those who have passed. What a reunion we will have one day.

28 May 2011

Choo Choo

My dad called me earlier in the week and asked if I wanted to go on a train ride with the family and of course I did. Lucy(mom), Sy, Avy Shae, and myself met Rufus(dad) in Poky and boarded a train with local dignitaries. I was hoping the local newspaper would be covering the story so I could be on the front page but no such luck. I guess I'll wait until I'm one of the local dignitaries and then my picture and life story will be on the front page of several papers. Sy took dozens of random pictures and Avy Shae kept asking if they would be serving peanuts during our short ride to AF. Riding the train made me want to go on a vacation via train. I'll add that to the never ending list of 'must do' vacations.

21 May 2011

Let's Get Ready for Rumble*

I have just returned from a week in the Dominican Republic and I am ready to board another plane as the trip was not long enough. Or maybe I want to escape the reality of email, phone calls, and everyday life for another week. When we arrived in the DR, we were met by beautiful people and humidity and I felt my curly hair expand with each passing minute. The drive to the resort provided great scenery and a small taste of life in the DR. Overall, it was a great vacation. No set schedule. Fresh fruit several times each day. Bahama Mama Slushies. Sun. Ocean. Good books. Sun. Great friends. Amazing views. Sun.

People will try to sell anything to people driving by.

Do not ask the ocean waves if that's all they've got because they will cause an injury. I always wanted a scar from the DR.

A marriage proposal from Tyson #1 is something I will always remember. He and Juan Eddie gave us their contact information so we can skype, call, email. We gave them email addresses that we rarely check and I may have received an email which is a story for another day.

Our Italian friends, whom we sat with during the nightly entertainment, had us dancing and singing each night.

Water Aerobics in the ocean is fun, but avoid rocks.

We met Tarzan and fed him some fruit.

*Quote by Fabio Star. I didn't have the heart to tell him that the phrase is Let's get ready TO rumble. Bless his Dominican heart.