20 March 2009

Happy Spring

10 March 2009

I'm local. I live here.

I'm looking out my window at work and I see blue skies and yet I know that it's not warm outside. I wish I could go back to December when I spent a week in Hawaii. I realize I never posted about my trip so I will do so now. I'm not going to write much about any injuries that may have occurred while in Hawaii, but you can read about one injury here.
Flying solo to the island of Oahu was a great experience. I sat next to an elderly man who tried to get me to join a telephone marketing scheme and a couple of college guys asked me to spend time with them and wanted to know where to buy pot on the island at which point I laughed and walked away.
I stayed on a military base with my friend Amanda and her family and visited Mike who was attending BYU-Hawaii. Here are some highlights from the trip:

Rain. Flooding. A lot of rain. A lot of flooding.

Matsumoto Shave Ice.

Dole Plantation.

Making and eating delicious food with friends.

Overall the trip to Hawaii was great, even with all of the rain. In addition to spending time with friends, I made some new friends, and learned more about myself and life in general.

09 March 2009

Day of Faith

Washington Post journalist Sally Quinn spoke to a panel of Harvard students about their various religions. Rachel Esplin was asked about her faith as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I was impressed with how eloquently and honestly Rachel answered each question.

Day of Faith: Personal Quests for a Purpose - 3. Rachel Esplin from Harvard Hillel on Vimeo.

04 March 2009

On Hold

The following is my most recent phone conversation with Syden:

"Hi Shae!"
"Hey Sy. How are you?"
"Good. I'm drawing a picture on papa's computer."
"Fun. How is school?"
"I like it."

Syden then started talking to his sister and stopped talking to me. I patiently waited and eventually Sy began talking to me again. Until...

"Shae, can you hold on?"
"Uh, I guess so. Why?" "Sy?" No answer, but I can hear him talking. "Sy? Give the phone to grandma. Sy?"

After what seemed like an hour, Syden picked up the phone and said he stopped talking to me so he could finish his drawing on the computer.

"Love you Shae. Bye."
"Love you too! Bye."