17 December 2010

MOTAB featuring Archie

Several months ago, I registered for the MOTAB Christmas concert knowing I would most likely be in Oregon. I guess I wanted to try my luck and luck is exactly what I have. Or maybe my parents are the lucky ones since it was their registration that was awarded tickets to the coveted MOTAB and David Archuletta concert at the Conference Center.

Meags, B, Shan, and I decided to head downtown a couple hours before the show, buy dinner, and then head to the forever long lines at the Conference Center. B and Shan stood in line at one place while Meags and I went across the street and made an executive decision to buy rolls and other snacks and going out to dinner after the concert. We met a woman named Kristy who bought 6 of the 12 rolls from us which was such a brilliant business decision. The line at the conference center moved quickly and soon we were in our seats awaiting the sweet sounds of music and narration. The only time a smile left my face during the concert was when the girl behind me took off her shoes and put her bare feet on the back of my chair with her toes hanging dangerously close to my head. Other than that, it really was a magical night filled with music, dancing, and the telling of the birth of Jesus by Michael York. We walked back to the car while wearing Holiday Specs which transforms an ordinary light into an angel, star, or snowflake.

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Hoopswim said...

Holiday Specs? They sound like the coolest invention ever!!!