23 February 2011

Ice Ice Baby

Midway Ice Sculptures

21 February 2011

Georgia on My Mind

I don't remember many details from February 21, 1984, but the loss remains real and close to the surface. On that date, I said goodbye to one of my best friends. Later, my sister would tell our parents it's not fair that someone didn't die on her birthday. Oh, to be a child again. I wish she could be here for all the seasons of my life, and yet, I feel her near. For now, I will cherish our walks and live to my potential to be worthy to find myself surrounded by ones who have gone before, including Grandma M.

20 February 2011


Some time ago, I told my friend Mindy that everyone deserves a fancy cake at least once in their lifetime. Mindy and her mother-in-law made me a lime birthday cake that not only smells good, but also tastes delicious. Spending time with friends was the perfect way to spend my birthday eve. After eating cheesecake from Damon and Corrine and birthday cake, I felt like spending the next day at the gym. Good thing I checked my email and read one from my gym that stated that I didn't have to workout on my birthday as long as I promised to go the following day. I promise!

19 February 2011

Recording Contract in the Works

A few friends and I spent the evening at a Karaoke place. When I first walked in, I thought about turning around and going home to sing along to Glee Karaoke, but I'm so glad I didn't. We were informed that our singing was being streamed on the internet and we asked numerous questions as to a waiver or how to opt out of the streaming, to no avail. My friends and I may have been a crowd favorite and we submitted song after song to the DJ, who oddly enough was in a cage(I will take a picture next time I go and there will be a next time). Soon the place was closing and we all stood and sang Hokey Pokey and Closing Time.

15 February 2011

Best V-Day Ever

I had not 1, but 4 people ask me to be their Valentine.

13 February 2011

Back to the Sun

Meags, Shan, and I ran away to Vegas for sun, shopping, and rugby. We stayed with Meags family in Mesquite Thursday night and then continued our journey to Vegas on Friday morning. This was Shan's first official visit to the 'city' so we did our best to show her the time of her life, including a picture by the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. I admit that I usually smile and laugh at people taking their picture in front of the sign so this was a first for me.

Saturday was spent at the USA Sevens International Rugby Tournament which included teams from New Zealand, England, South Africa, Japan, Fiji, and several more. This was Shan's first experience with rugby and by the end of the day, I think she is a fan. Some guys from England sat behind us and provided entertaining commentary throughout the event. After rugby, we continued to shop and then crashed at the hotel.

Even though I didn't want to return to much colder Utah, having sun kissed skin and great memories will carry me until Spring and Summer.

07 February 2011

So True

"The cure for anything is Salt Water: Sweat, Tears, or the Sea."
--Isak Dinesen (pseudonym of Baroness Karen Blixen, Out of Africa)