14 August 2012

Let Me

Let me learn from where I have been
So keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn
So keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn
                                                                    ~Mumford and Sons

The news came that your life on earth came to an end and I sat in shock. I read the words again and again, trying to erase the truth and bring you back. I recalled memories of college and the laughter and joy that seemed to follow you everywhere. Through the years, we stayed in contact through our blogs, facebook, and parties and you always had the kindest words to say. I followed your career and was in awe of your achievements and accolades and on paper, one would think you had it all and that your life was problem and worry free and yet, we all know the truth that life is hard. Wouldn't it be something if we all walked around with a sign that told of our struggles, concerns, heartache, and worry? Would it make a difference? Would we step up and reach out to those around us? It's one thing to walk around with a cast on a broken arm and people ask what happened but what about matters of the heart- the area we don't often see as we interact with friends, family, and strangers. The truth is that we often mask our fears, pain, disappointments and we shouldn't have to wear those on our sleeves in order for people to smile, say a kind word, or simply act in a way that shows that we are loved. And then we have to somehow internalize those acts of kindness which isn't always easy.

Be gentle. Love. Forgive. Others. And yourself. 

01 August 2012


I came across this quote on a blog this morning and have been thinking about since that time:

"It is not easy...to wait. Waiting is what the hunter does, and the poet and the slugger. He waits for the moment of inevitability and fate and then he swings, or shoots, or takes up the pen to put down a line. They don't teach us to wait in America; they teach us to grab. But waiting is what we do when we are looking for something beautiful, when we are looking for an end to our sorrow. Nothing is infinite in life, not even sorrow." 
Cary Tennis