18 September 2010

Redfest 2010

Lohra and I went to Redfest at the U last night to see Ben Lee, fun, and Mates of State. I was feeling rather old in the sea of 18 and 19 year-olds and came to the conclusion that I have no sense of fashion. Fast forward to Mates of State because this is where things became interesting. Lohra and I made our way through the crowd and found ourselves on the 3rd-ish row. Lohra touched the fence at the front so technically she can say she was on the front row, right? Wait. We did make our way to the front row by the end of the concert. I re-learned some important lessons while at the concert:

1) Hygiene lessons should be a requirement at any concert. In fact, deodorant should be handed out at the entrance.
2) Flip flops should only be worn at a standing room only concert IF you want to lose a toenail.
3) Going to a concert with a Superfan will make or break any relationship. Background information: A tall guy on the front row knew every word and was very passionate about Mates of State. Halfway through the concert, we noticed what we assume is his girlfriend, standing behind him. Oh, and she was not singing along but did appear to kind of enjoying the show or she was planning her escape.

4) The crowd will do whatever the singer asks. For instance: a comment was made about crowd surfing and soon a line of people were surfing to the front only to be pulled down by security.
5) If you wait long enough, you may get to meet the performers.


Cassidy and Nicole Anderson said...

Sounded like a lot of fun! I love concerts. So Catfish was really good go see it ASAP before someone ruins the ending for you!!!!!!!!

Lohra said...

You may also get to stand around awkwardly until you're brave enough to tap one of the performers on the arm and say "Great show guys!" and then walk away just as awkwardly.