31 March 2012


I have been waiting for this date ever since I purchased pre-sale tickets to the fun. concert. My friends and I purchased fun.'s new CD at a local record store and received wristbands for an acoustic show that did not disappoint. Nate, lead singer, has been a favorite of mine ever since his days with The Format, and Andrew and Jack are simply amazing musicians. We made some new friends at the concert and  I also reconnected with a girl I met through a mutual friend at a concert a couple of weeks ago. There was one guy who knew every word and was very animated during the concert and I worried that he would fall off the balcony.

Me and Ireland. My friends 'may' have caught me touching his hair.

Fun. acoustic show

Playing Andrew's keyboard. No big deal. 

Me and Fun.

Fellow Fun. concert goers.

29 March 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

I usually head to the Pacific Northwest to visit my nieces during their spring break, but we decided to shake things up a bit since the airline prices were outrageous. My brother had the great idea that we should go to Disneyland and who am I to say no to a trip to a warmer climate.

Where Clay's GPS said we would find a church. Interesting. 
Swapping sunglasses for the week. 

Wind and rain in Newport Beach.

Ah the joys of sharing a bed with a child.

The newest members of the Disney marching band-me and Louis

Submarine Ride-Brin, Tennie, Louis, Clay

Brinners and I enjoying A Bug's Life

My very own Minnie ears...on loan for 15 seconds.

Best Action Figures ever!

The end of a magical week. 

22 March 2012

Finding and Losing Myself

I'm currently reading The Paris Wife, by Paula McLain, and I want to do little else since I started. As illustration, March Madness is playing on the tv but it is on mute which is not normal for me. Also, I'm going to see the Hunger Games movie tonight and I had a fleeting thought, "I could go to the movie or maybe I should stay home and finish the book" and then I started to wonder why I am blogging instead of reading. Well, part of that is due to the fact that I don't want the book to end. I find myself devouring the words and my heart aches and then rejoices as I read and I want to capture each moment in some sort of safe so I can revisit the emotions and feelings at a later time.

A couple(or million) of lines seemed to jump from the pages:

"It was like being born over each night, the same process repeated, finding myself, losing myself, finding myself again." 

"And just what was happiness anyway? Could you fake it...? Could you force it like a spring bulb in your kitchen, or rub up against it at a party in Chicago or catch it like a cold?"

I have delayed long enough and will now return to therapy aka reading. 

16 March 2012


Meags, Candice, Jen, me
Jen invited myself and Meags and our mutual friend Candice to join her for a little focus group breakfast at the Lion House Pantry and I couldn't say no. The LHP will begin serving breakfast Monday-Friday and we were able to sample everything(and I mean everything) that will be available. Creme brulee french toast topped with berries and whipped cream, sour dough pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and steel-cut oats with caramel sauce and berries. I will not disclose what my total would have been if I was paying for all of the food I ordered but I felt it was my duty to try as much as possible in order to be the well informed focus group member. I will be returning for breakfast and should note that my favorite items were the french toast and the oatmeal. Who wants to go to breakfast?

14 March 2012

Civic Duty

I decided to attend the caucus meeting for my precinct and it was highly entertaining. I must admit that I assumed there would 5 of us sitting the school gym and we would all end up being delegates at the state convention. Imagine my surprise when I had to park several blocks away and people kept coming and the room was packed with political junkies. We listened to several candidates and were encouraged to donate money to their campaign and then it was time to gather by precinct and vote for precinct chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, and three delegates. I sat across from two women who are my neighbors and one was nominated to be vice chair and she so kindly nominated me for Treasurer, and of course I ended up winning. The other neighbor was chosen as a delegate and I made it clear they would be attending any and all meetings I  am asked to attend. I'm not sure what, if anything, I will be doing as treasurer but I look forward to the adventure.

10 March 2012

Shower for Sebastian

My friends and I threw a little baby shower for our friend Rachelle and her soon to arrive son Sebastian. It was nice to sit and talk and reminisce about stories from our friendship.  Life is busy and we don't see each other as often as we would like, but I love that we make the effort to support one another. 

A few of the friends:
Katie(pregnant w/ twins), Meags, Shan, Ang, Rachelle(and Sebastian), and me