24 October 2010

Pumpkin Carving 2010

Tonight was the annual pumpkin carving party with Jamie and her family, but we missed having Nicole and Marvin in attendance. We watched football, ate dinner, and then the carving began. Jamie was pregnant last year and struggled with cutting the top of the pumpkin and put the blame on pregnancy brain. What's her excuse this year?

I decided to do a polka dot pumpkin. Easy, right? The pumpkin was looking great until I decided to slice my thumb. Jamie looked up as the knife entered and exited my thumb and ran to get a band-aid. I calmly went to the sink and used my 1st Aid certification skills to use in an effort to stop the bleeding. The MVP of the night was Super Glue for fixing the stem of my pumpkin and my finger.


Jamie said...

Oh the memories we create each year. Always a good time.

Lohra said...

Oh gosh, your cut doesn't look that bad. I had to zoom in on the picture just to see it.