26 November 2010

Black Friday 2010

Pip, Cyndi, and I left B Town at 9p last night and slowly drove to IF. The roads were icy and I think we averaged 30 mph on the way-the things we do for shopping. Watching people while shopping provided much entertainment and I didn't start getting tired until 7a. Good thing were hitting the last store at that point and I knew I would soon be
able to sleep. We met some new friends while waiting in line at Target and Old Navy and we helped each other find items that were on our list. There was a girl selling hot chocolate to people waiting in line and she continued to remind us with her megaphone that it was cold outside. I thought about grabbing the megaphone and smashing it on the ground, but decided against violence. An employee at one store enlightened me on the quality of jewelry available at a little store called Shopko. I guess I know where to go if I'm even in the market for jewelry. Having a vehicle full of items definitely means Black Friday 2010 was a success.

25 November 2010

Spa Day

24 November 2010

Snow Day

While the snow is falling and blowing outside, Sy and Avy Shae are building us a fort so we can read books, eat popcorn, and drink hot chocolate.

20 November 2010

P Town

Lohra, Meags, and I were on our way to the BYU vs New Mexico football game when we saw 20 policeman riding motorcycles. We were tempted to speed in the hope that all 20 would pull us over. Now that would make for a great story.

Rivalry week between Utah and BYU is here which means all the statues at BYU are wrapped in plastic:

We stood to cheer for the Cougars and the two guys behind us yelled for us to sit down. After the first quarter, we moved closer and enjoyed seeing the Cougars win!

19 November 2010


Who shows up at Costco to buy a few or twenty items on the same date the former President, George W. Bush, is in town for a book signing? Well, that would be me except I had forgotten about the book signing until I approached the store. Too bad I showed up at the end and wasn't able to get a signed copy of the book.

17 November 2010

Kaleidoscope Heart

Sara Bareilles, Cary Brothers, and Holly Conlan

16 November 2010


Last month I received a copy of Essence, a monthly magazine for African American women. I write 'I' because my name and address was listed on the magazine as if I had paid for a yearly subscription. I glanced at a few articles and sent it to the recycling bin. Today I received my second issue and look forward to learning how to love my natural hair.

12 November 2010

I give thanks

Nine years ago today, I walked into the living room of my parent's home and found my dad lying on the floor complaining of a chest cold. He had left racquetball early due to not feeling well and I insisted that we were going to the hospital. Six bypasses, constant prayer, and many weeks later, he was discharged and returned home.

Today, a family member is going in for testing which will confirm a diagnosis or lead to additional testing and more of the unknown. I admire this person for being so open with their life and what is going on while I quietly contemplate what may be.

Historically, November has been a trying month for my family and at times I find myself dreading the month in which we give thanks. So today, on a day that holds many unanswered questions, I give thanks. Thanks to a Heavenly Father for inspiration and guidance. Thanks to medical professionals and advancements in medicine. Thanks for a family who stand firmly together while battling the storms of life.

I give thanks.

11 November 2010


A young boy, upon learning his mother has a debilitating disorder which can also cause hearing loss: "Mom, the first sign I want to learn is I love you."

09 November 2010

Watch out!

I was at stoplight on 7th East, preparing to enter I-80, when I noticed a small pick-up hauling a stove coming from the opposite direction and also entering I-80. The light turned green for me and I proceeded and thought, "Hmmm. Maybe I should go slow." As I made the turn, the stove fell out the side of the truck and fell into my lane. I calmly signaled and was able to switch lanes and avoid hitting the stove, grateful I had slowed down. The driver of the pick-up pulled over and hopefully no one hit the debris.

05 November 2010

Nicest Thing

Kate Nash

02 November 2010

Hello World

Meags, Shan, and I went to Lady Antebellum at The Rail Event Center.

01 November 2010

In My Veins

Andrew Belle and Tyrone Wells at Velour.