31 August 2011

A Gift

 Meeting this little guy was the highlight of my day. 

I love these ladies(and baby boy G). We first met while working for the state and as we transitioned to contract work, we have remained good friends. Gym days with Mindy(on hold until after Baby B arrives this fall). Craft days with Corrine. Dining at JCW's. My heart is full when I think of life one year ago as we shed tears with one another and pondered experiences that have changed us all. 

27 August 2011

2nd Annual Sweatin For Sarah

Bright Sun=Squinty Eyes
Today was the 2nd Annual Sweatin For Sarah 5K benefit run. I was a volunteer and helped with registration and then directed traffic during the race. It was great to see so many people gathered in support of Sarah who was diagnosed with cancer last June.

P.to.the.S: Gev from SYTYCD was at the race and I was in a flash mob. #535 checked off my bucket list.

18 August 2011

The Summer I Was Twelve And Older

I spent a week in the Northwest visiting my brother and his family. In the days before I was to leave the city of salt, I learned that my brother was in the another state and had to stay there until the work equipment was working properly.  I was saddened because we had plans to attend his work party the night of my arrival so I surprised when I arrived at the airport and received an unexpected call from my brother saying that he just landed in the land of port.

I have heard so much about the Intel parties and was excited to see if it lived up to all the hype. I am accustomed to state parties so attending my brother's work party blew my mind. Horse rides, mini golf, swimming, slip 'n slide, dodgeball tournament, and oh so many prizes. I had no shame in running up a hill to receive a towel, t-shirt, umbrella, and other prizes.

The Oregon Gardens was next on the agenda and they did not disappoint. At one point, I tried to take a drink from what I thought was a drinking fountain but then saw the "Do not touch the fountain" sign and quickly moved away from the area. Actually, the truth is that I knew it was not a drinking fountain but it sure looked like one.

We went to an Oaks Amusement Park for 2 for 1 Tuesday and I purchased my ticket, got one for free, and a lady in line offered to buy the extra one for more than it was worth. I let her know the actual price and she insisted on paying an extra $3.  Noelle insisted on holding me hand on one of the rides-so adorable. Brin was a daredevil and wanted to go on all the 'big' rides. 

Our next adventure was at Evergreen Wings & Waves. We climbed 111 steps and entered a 747 where the slides went out of the plane. When we first arrived, Clay and I picked a random slide and it was so dark and fast. Tennie Jo and I screamed like little girls when two lifeguards entered the funnel portion of Nose Dive soon after us and it appeared we would collide. The Mach 1 was supposed to be the most daring, but proved to be the most calm. The wave pool was intense and I would like to return for the 'Dive-in Move Night.' The kids area included a helicopter filling a bucket with water and then dumping onto trees and everything in its path. Noelle didn't want to get drenched but she encouraged me to stand right under the bucket when the water rushed out. I'll do anything to remain the favorite aunt. I think it's safe to say that the girls were exhausted after spending the day at Wings & Waves.

The visit went by too quickly and soon it was time for me to return to my life in the 801. I miss seeing the girls at swim lessons each morning, going to a movie with Tennie Jo, and enlisting the help of Jose the finger puppet when it was time to clean. If asked nicely, I may even sing one of Jose's songs. I'm counting down until my next visit. 

11 August 2011

I Believe

It was my turn at the register. The cashier turned, looked at me, and asked, "How is your day?" I've never been more grateful for the sunglasses worn upon my face as a few tears began to form while every emotion from the week began to surface. I was taken aback by the question and yet I felt the kindness and sincerity in those four words. I paused and then replied, "good, thank you." She continued to look at me and then announced that she would be giving me a discount. I tried to decline graciously but to no avail. The discount was given, I thanked her repeatedly, and then I was on my way. I left determined to be more interested in people. To have a heart for all and a focus on the one.

Around this same time, a friend asked to come by for a visit and knew just what to say without knowing any details of the past week. That of hearing horrific events occurring in a person's life to watching others bear heavy burdens and fighting to rise above the feelings of being abandoned and forgotten.

I believe that just as I pray for blessings in my life and for opportunities to serve others, I  must be open to receiving those whom may become an answer to my vocal or oft times silent pleadings.

06 August 2011

Young Love

Sharing headphones...how cute.

After attending the Joshua James concert in Provo last night, it was decided that the BYU creamery was the next stop. We sat in the booth behind this couple and I found myself commenting on their conversation centered around music theory and their favorite musical. I had to remind myself that I was not at their table and should not be listening, but it was so entertaining. Besides, the over two hours we were stuck in traffic on I-15 was easier to handle because we had stories from the Creamery.

05 August 2011

Re: Let's Make a Deal

Today's groupon? $20 worth of sushi for $10. 
Did I purchase? Yes. I felt it was my duty after writing yesterday's post.

 I'm beginning to think my blog is a wishing well. 

04 August 2011

Let's Make a Deal

Dear Groupon/Daily Deals/Living Social, etc:

I have not purchased a deal in the past month because I do not need my carpet cleaned nor my car detailed. Well, I could use the car detailing, but I'd rather purchase 2 for 1 movie passes or $25 in sushi for $10. I will say that the lack of great deals is helping me stay on budget so I guess I should be thanking you rather than complaining. Plus, I really should use the vouchers that I have purchased over the past several months. I fear this letter is not going as planned. Abort. Anyone want to go to a laser show at the Planetarium?

Ever in search of a good deal,

03 August 2011


 Thirty years ago today, you were born. I remember waking up and hearing Grandpa B explain that mom and dad were at the hospital because we would soon have a little sister. You are the youngest child and I admit that I once resented the fact that you were able to stay with mom and the grandparents when dad had surgery while Clay and I spent time with extended family and friends. I guess that's the middle child in me, wanting everyone to be together. I admire your courage, determination, and strength. You became a business owner at the age of 23 and continue to succeed while also excelling in your role as wife and mother. I am in awe with your goodness and selflessness as you give to others in the midst of a 'what's in it for me' world. You know how to make me laugh. Remember when we would drive to see the dressed up goose and attempt to take pictures without being caught? Or what about the time we went to the greenbelt to run/rollerblade and it was so windy that I ended up pushing you around the lake? In so many ways, I consider you to be the older and wiser sister and I am blessed to call you my closest friend. You may be 30 years-old, but in my mind, you will forever be 21.
Happy Birthday, Pip! Love you much.