15 September 2008

Degrees of Separation

The above picture is of my friend Deanna and my cousin DaJon. I first met Deanna at BYU through my roommates brother. Fast forward a few years when Deanna and her husband Charles show up at my condo to visit my roommate Shannon. I soon learned that Deanna and Shannon were roommates in Provo. Earlier this year Deanna and her husband and daughter moved to Georgia and the missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helped them move into their new place. Deanna read my blog about visiting family in Blackfoot and made the connection that my cousin was one of the missionaries who helped with the move. Deanna and her family were involved in a serious hit and run accident in July and survived with less injuries than one would suspect after seeing pictures of their totaled car. My cousin recently broke his elbow so he and Deanna are now broken arm friends.
What a small world.

09 September 2008

Life is funny

I stepped near my closet this morning and the carpet under my feet was wet. I looked around and there wasn't a bottle of water or anything else that could have soaked the carpet. The baseboard next to my closet had mold and I opened the door to where the AC is located and found more mold. I've been out of town for over a week so I didn't notice the problem before. I laughed as I thought about my experience as an assistant estimator at Servicemaster and was grateful to know people who could help me. I called my friend Duane who works with AC's and he said to check the filter and he would come by later in the day. I called Michelle at Servicemaster and soon Father Bob was at my place to see what he could do. He cleaned the filter for me and told me to stop by the office to get a fan to dry the carpet and he told me how to take care of the mold. I called Jen who owns the condo and told her what happened and what was being done to remedy the situation and she was grateful the situation was being taken care of. So now, I am dealing with the mold, drying the carpet, and organizing my room.In the midst of the mold infestation, I received an interesting phone call. The person on the other line said they worked for Medicaid in Idaho and they were investigating a company I worked for 7 years ago. I asked for more information and was told that Medicaid wants to interview me about my time working for this company, but I did not need to worry because I had done nothing wrong. She asked if she could drive from Boise today to meet with me, but I said today wasn't a good day so she's coming tomorrow. I should also mention that the interview is expected to last 2-3 hours.

05 September 2008

When I grow up

I spent this past week in Idaho visiting family and decided to spend my mornings working at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. I was at the fair by 8 each morning and went straight to the accounting office. One day, the door hit me in the face because my arms were full with the money bag, my water bottle, and book and I wasn't paying attention. At least the security guys had a good laugh at my expense. Each morning I was given a money bag with $600, signed a paper saying I received the money, and then a gate superintendent(my dad is one of the superintendents) walked me to my booth so I didn't get mugged. At the end of my shift, I was escorted to security and turned in the money and the auditors checked to see if the register was over or short. Of course I balanced everyday.
On the second day of the fair a man who had been drinking walked up to the ticket window and started swearing at me. He said that he got a stamp when he left the fair the night before and now the ticket takers at the gate wouldn't let him in. I explained that he needed to buy a gate ticket everyday and once again he started to swear and as he walked away, I noticed he had peed his pants. Another time, a group of college guys came to my window and tried to get a discounted ticket. One of the guys said he would give me $4 and sing a Johnny Cash song. Tempting, but I told him he could give me $5 and still sing a Johnny Cash song. In the end, he didn't have $5 so his friends paid for him. I read 2 books during the week, drank a lot of water, ate breakfast with my family at Wimpy's, saw friends from the past, went to the rodeo, Poison concert, and Motocross Freestyle. Going to the fair is a family tradition and I look forward to going next year.