28 August 2010


This morning I was a volunteer during the Sweatin' For Sarah 5K, a benefit run for a friend who was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in June. Approximately 400 people attended the event starting at Highland High School, winding through the streets of Sugarhouse and passing Sarah's house before returning to Highland High. My spot was the turn before runners passed Sarah's house and it was emotional to see Sarah greet friends, family, and community members running to raise money for Sarah. I met a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary by running for a person whom they had never met. I'm sure it was overwhelming for Sarah to see how many people love her and support her during this fight. Often, we do not get to see how many people truly care for us while we are living and I vow to make greater effort in this area to give to those around me.

23 August 2010

Dating advice

I went to Alaska last week(pictures to come. I promise.) and stayed with a family of four. The 7 year old daughter Ainsleigh spent time telling me about dating and marriage. I think my nephew must have talked to her before my trip because I felt I had heard her words before. "Be nice. Go on a date. Say yes when he asks you to marry him." Pretty simple. She gave this advice and then told me that she isn't get married because she wants to be a Spinster and stay home and watch tv all day. I wished her well.
The last night in Anchorage, we went out for dinner. Our male waiter was probably 23 years old and Ainsleigh decided I should date him. Each time the waiter came to our table, she would hit me and look up at the guy and smile. It was awesome. When it was time to go, Ainsleigh and I walked out together and we ran into the waiter. He smiled and said have a great night at which point Ainsleigh jumped up and down in excitement and continued to talk about my future with the waiter. If things work out with the guy whose name I don't know and will never see again, Ainsleigh will definitely be a bridesmaid.

06 August 2010


I went to a funeral this morning and watched a friend and her husband grieve for the loss of their child who had yet to take a breath in this life. The daughter they had been waiting for and in one tragic moment, she was gone. My friend has spent the past seven and a half months protecting and caring for this child growing within her only to have the child act as a human band-aid in a car accident and save her mother's (my friend) life.
Her physical pains and injuries are and will continue to heal in the coming months and years. Her emotional pains will take longer.

02 August 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

I arrived at my 1p meeting and was feeling confident, well dressed, and prepared...and then I realized my cardigan was inside out. Awesome. Luckily I discovered the problem as I entered the building and laughed all the way to the restroom to make the correction. I should note that I decided at the last minute to drive to Park City to look for a dress and apparently was in a hurry while in the dressing room. I bet I was quite the sight while walking out of BP. This is my life!