27 January 2011


#9BYU ended #4San Diego State's twenty game win streak 71-58 at the Marriott Center in Provo.

Jimmer is one amazing player, and yet, he is quick to give credit to his teammates. One could try to say Jimmer is a ball hog with his 43 points, but the stats tell a different story. Davies had an awesome game with 14 points and 5 rebounds. Emery only scored 4 points, but held a SDSU guard to 2 points. My friends and I kept saying Emery needed to get his head in the game(High School Musical shout out) but then we realized he was in the game. The defensive game.

This may be the best college game I have ever attended and let it be known that I loved Jimmer long before the rest of the nation.

Jimmer love:

NBA scoring leader Kevin Durrant tweet: "Jimmer is the best scorer in the world."

Washington Wizards John Wall tweet: "Jimmer Fredette is cold! Respect."

Jacksonville Jaguars Kirk Morriso
n, SDSU alumnus, attended the game and said: "Can't lie; tonight we got Jimmered."

Rapper Nelly: "He is definitely the truth!"

25 January 2011

It's within me

While waiting for an update on the health of a family member, I turned to the scriptures and found myself reading a verse that I continue to ponder. "Put on thy Strength."

For me, this scripture is not only an answer for which I have long been seeking but also an answer that I have known but had let it become hidden beneath the many layers of my soul. I find myself yearning for balance and a prioritization of the many good and better parts of my life. The ability to recognize what I value the most and follow through.

Today and in the days to come, I will put on strength. Not my strength alone, but that of an all-knowing Father in Heaven, family and friends, and gracious strangers who bless my life.

23 January 2011

I think we're in Rome

Meags and I set out for a quick road trip to Vegas for a wedding. Spending time in 60 degree weather was a minor deciding factor. The farther south we drove, the more I realized that I needed some Vitamin D and time away from the everyday life.

Highlights. In no particular order:

1- You may be in a sketchy neighborhood if everyone at the store watches you walk to your desired aisle and continue gazing until you leave. I like to think they were staring because we radiate beauty.

2- A community in which I will never live has the following street names: Pillow Talk, Snuggling, and Snoring.

3- Bob(RayLynne) and Richard looked so happy and I loved being there for their wedding date. Yay for finding love.

4- Shopping is therapeutic. In a weird way.

5- While in Caesar's Palace, you may overhear someone say, "As I look around, I really think I am in Rome."

6- If the key to your hotel room does not work, it may be a good idea to go back to the front desk rather than attempting to enter the room approximately 1 billion times until you think you hear the top latch on the door. Yes, we were given a key to an occupied room.

7- Driving The Strip at night and then retiring to the hotel for hours of Lock-Up on tv while eating cheesecake is a great way to spend a Friday night.

8- Speeding to pass a semi who continues to enter your lane and could hit you at any moment, may result in a ticket.

20 January 2011

You are My Sunshine

The Civil Wars announced they were going to sing a cover song in which many will recognize part of the song but may not know the sad and mostly unsung verses. I turned to my friend and said, "They are going to sing You are My Sunshine" and that's exactly what they did.

While the opening band Parlor Hawk sang, I looked to my right and noticed the guy next to me was wearing a bow tie. I did a double take and realized it was John Paul, member of The Civil Wars. Oh happy day. I smiled during the entire concert as I listened to The Civil Wars share their incredible talent with those in attendance. I may have even turned to my friend and announced that I must be in a band. I may not have been kidding.

17 January 2011

Car Wash

This takes the idea of a car wash to a whole new level...

13 January 2011

All is Calm

Tonight I spent time with an almost 3 month old who has Spinal Meningitis and has had 2 brain surgeries and is stitched from ear to ear. This little one has been fighting for his life since Christmas and has had some major ups and downs in the weeks that have followed.

As I sat in his room, I found myself breathing deeply to soak in the peace that filled the space. Outside, I heard children crying, people talking, and the scurrying of feet as they hurried down the hall. But inside all was still as Grady slept. I often glanced at the monitors and said silent prayers for this gift from God that he would grow and develop and live a full life. That he would one day run and jump and play.

I watched the rise and fall of his chest as he lay sleeping and my attention was drawn toward him each time he made a sound. His little face is perfect and yet, on the inside of his body, a war is raging. Time seemed to stop while I was with Grady. No ringing cell phone. No tv blaring. No internet. I allowed myself to be in the moment and let the serenity permeate within.

Grady is a fighter.

12 January 2011


"If a blade of grass can grow in a concrete walk and a fig tree in the side of a mountain cliff, a human being empowered with an invincible faith can survive all odds the world can throw against his tortured soul."

--Robert Schuller

11 January 2011

Locked in on Jimmer

BYU 104. Utah 79. Jimmer had 47 points and the rest of the starters were also in double digits AND Jackson Emery broke Danny Ainge's all-time steals record. What a game. Go BYU!

05 January 2011

I'll be back in February

I dread going to the gym during the month of January. Sure, I want everyone to be healthy, but I miss having so many treadmills and stair masters available to me. Now I have to compete with and exercise right next to someone rather than adhering to the "leave a treadmill between myself and another gym goer." I know many who like to meet new people while working out and yet, I am not one of those people.

I'll survive but I am looking forward to the empty gym in February.