31 October 2008

When I grow up

"Boom. Boom. Boom" is what Joseph repeated every time a student walked by his desk during the Halloween parade. Hannah Montana, Gabriella from HSM, Rapunzel, a pirate with a parrot on his shoulder, and many other 'characters' made an appearance.
I watched with wonder as the students interacted with one another and the teacher. Attempting to take a class picture was comical as kids were karate chopping each other, trying on tiaras, and dancing around the room high on at least 2 lbs of candy. Spending time in the classroom taught me the following:
1) Being a 1st grade teacher takes a lot of patience.
2) Kids learn at an early age to bargain and trade for what they want most.
3) Calling a student by name makes them feel important. I learned this lesson as I watched the principal address each student by name during the parade.
4) Kids want to be accepted by their peers and teachers.
5) Lessons learned in a 1st grade classroom apply to people of all ages.

28 October 2008

I love your blog

I have been given an 'I love your blog' award. Bless you Kaydi Rae.

1. Where is your cell phone? not sure

2. Where is your significant other? uh, Mexico?

3. Your hair color? natural hair color? brown

4. Your mother? listener

5. Your father? strong

6. Your favorite thing? being with family and friends

7. Your dream last night? I'd rather not disclose that information

8. Your dream/goal? success in all aspects of my life

9. The room you're in? office at the U

10. Your hobby? happiness

11. Your fear? failure

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? clogging my way to fame. hee hee

13. Where were you last night? Halloween dance

14. What you're not? married(Lisa, I wrote that for you)

15. One of your wish-list items? trip to Russia

16. Where you grew up? Blackfoot

17. The last thing you ate? oatmeal

18. What are you wearing? sweater, dress pants

19. Your TV? fuzzy

20. Your pet? I don't have one

21. Your computer? work computer-in use. home computer- not in use

22. Your mood? content

23. Missing someone? yes

24. Your car? clean

25. Something you're not wearing? earrings

26. Favorite store? Borders

27. Your summer? unforgettable

28. Love someone? absolutely

29. Your favorite color? ever changing

30. When is the last time you laughed? 1 minute ago

31. Last time you cried? months ago

27 October 2008


Kimberly(in the middle) is getting married November 1st and I attended her bridal shower this past weekend. Kristi(on the left) is married and has a 2-year-old son and is pregnant and due with her second child in 2 weeks. The summer before 5th grade, my family moved across town and I met a girl with amazing red hair named Kimberly and we've been friends ever since. Kristi and Kimberly were in the same kindergarten class and the three of us became even better friends in high school and were roommates in college.
Kimberly and Kristi have more stories about my growing up years than any other friends. Some of my favorite experiences include being asked to come in and have cookies while toilet papering, dressing up and walking around the greenbelt, walking home from school and being yelled at because a driver thought I flipped her off, and standing behind a huge sign near campus and scaring people as they walked by. From a parent's heart surgery to death of a sibling to marriage to birthdays, we have supported each other. And even though lives change and a few miles separate us, we make the most of the time we do spend together and cherish the memories and the friendship that will last forever.

I walked into the room for the bridal shower and I saw my friend Jerilyn from my first year in college. Jerilyn and I were in the same FHE group and our apartments spent a lot of time together. Recently, I found a couple letters from Jerilyn and wondered where was living. Jerilyn met Michelle and Kimberly while living in Provo and I'm so glad we've reconnected.

08 October 2008


The 2nd Annual Golf Tournament for the NBC was held earlier this week. I didn't know I was on a team until a few days before which meant I didn't have time to say no. We arrived at the U golf course and the first question my team asked was if anyone is left-handed. A loud groan could be heard through the Salt Lake Valley as I admitted to being left-handed and I thought I would be shunned the rest of the day. My team decided it would be best if I used right handed clubs for driving and a left handed putter.
My fears due to the lack of any golf skills quickly diminished as Al and Dr. L offered helpful tips and told me which club I should use for each hole. I laughed a lot during the day, learned a little about golf, and actually did well...all things considered.

03 October 2008

Perfect for each other

Co-workers, friends, and family think I should date the following guys:

1) A guy who plays many musical instruments, has a graduate degree, and is so nice but don't you dare break his heart and what are you going to wear and what will you talk about. Oh and you should wear flat shoes. I will wear clothes. We will talk about politics, the weather, and my love of BYU. Flats? I'm more of a stiletto girl.

2) A guy who is unemployed and is doing little to find a job. Or making plans to go to school. Or doing anything else besides playing video games all day. Oh, and he has other 'issues.' I'm a social worker so I can solve anything.

3) A maintenance guy in town who also happens to have 4 kids. Hello instant motherhood. Step-motherhood that is.

A guy who recently returned from his mission. According to his grandma we would be perfect for each other and she really wants me to be part of her family. I'm fine with dating a younger guy and who wouldn't want me to be part of their family? The issue is that I'm pretty sure all woman 70 years or older still think I am a 20 year college student.

Let it be known that I don't mind going on blind dates and I have found that guys are better at setting up two people rather than girls. For some reason, they base the reason for the match more on personalities and less on the simple fact that I'm a girl and he's a guy.

01 October 2008

A whole lotta money

I took my car to the dealership for an oil change. I walked around the car with the car adviser and then went to the waiting room. Greg, my favorite car adviser turned mechanic walked into the waiting room and said he would be taking care of the oil change. Greg returned to the waiting room and said he had some bad news. I was assured by Greg that the repair needed was minimal and yet, I still braced myself.

"You have a power steering leak and it will cost $1700 and you will not pass safety and emissions to register your car in November if you don't take care of the problem."

$1700 is a minimal repair? Sure, it could have been worse, but that's a lot of money. I left the dealership wanting to vomit. I called a friend who is a mechanic and he was very helpful. I planned to take the car to a mechanic I know in Idaho, but a co-worker recommended a mechanic and took a look at my car.

"Have you been adding power steering fluid to your car?"
"Uh, no."
"That's because you don't have a power steering leak. You need a new gasket and a something something needs to be cleaned so it will cost $100."

I thought about kissing the mechanic but that would have been inappropriate and awkward.