26 February 2010


Dear Olympics,

I counted down the days until the start of the Olympics and I've faithfully watched events almost every night for the past two weeks. Ice skating is not my favorite event, but I lasted through the short and long(very, very long) program to see Evan win gold. In addition, I spent many afternoons watching hockey, cross country skiing, and curling while at the gym or working from home. I researched stories on the athletes and feel as though we are friends. One might say I'm obsessed with the Olympics and I will have to agree. BUT, I'm tired and need a break. I could turn the television off, but if I have learned anything from the Olympics, it is that I should never give up. So, I will continue watching as many events as possible and then will go into hiding for a week to catch up on sleep.




22 February 2010

Update: Missing

Gabriel, Jessica, and Kalea Morris were found this morning in Virginia. I am glad that no one was harmed during the arrest and yet, I know that this is ordeal is not over as there are many unanswered questions.


I awoke this morning to find I had 650 emails. At first, I thought I misread the number of messages and then noticed that the emails kept coming. I then wondered if maybe all 650 of my friends had sent me an email wishing me a happy birthday but that was not the case. I soon received an email from the state explaining that the server was set to run the email notification for missing information every 25 minutes before the new version was deployed and the setting was not changed after deployment. The funny thing is that much of the 'missing' information has already been completed.

16 February 2010


A childhood friend of mine, her husband, and their 4 year-old daughter are missing. They recently moved from Blackfoot, ID to Banden, Oregon and were last seen in the Mesa, Arizona area. My friends husband, Gabriel Morris, faces aggravated murder charges in the deaths of his mother and her boyfriend. Jessica did not show up for work at the beginning of February and her co-workers called the Coos County Sheriff's Office who then went to the home and found a crime scene.
I find myself searching the internet for any updated information and at times it seems unreal. I see the faces of missing children on milk cartons. I read similar stories in the newspaper and watch newscasts on missing persons and yet, I still felt disconnected. Until now.

09 February 2010


I went to a meeting with a client this afternoon, and at the end I asked if there was anything else the client would like to talk about. "Yes, Shelley, there is something I need to say. I don't want you to marry Ivan." I was shocked as everyone in the room stared at me so I started to explain the situation. On Friday, I saw this client with a staff member at the Special Olympics Volleyball tournament and we talked for a few minutes. It took me awhile to figure out that he was flirting with me and soon other staff members were encouraging the relationship. Obviously my client had no problem figuring out what was going on during the conversation. Ivan warned me to be careful with some guys because they are jerks and psychos. Thanks for the tip. I reassured my client that I would not be dating his staff and he said it's okay if I date Ivan and receive a ring from him, but I am not allowed to marry him.

04 February 2010

Bad Hair

I was talking to Pip this morning and she proceeded to tell me a story about my niece Avry Shae. Avry was upset about something and said "I want Shelley." Ah, my heart began to melt. Pip continued with the story. "Avry, do you want the cat or Aunt Shelley(Shae)?" Uh, wait a minute. There is a cat named Shelley?! Apparently, my niece and nephew think so highly of me that they decided to name a cat after me. Bless them. "I want Shelley. The one with the tangled hair." Whoa! I think this girl is confused. My hair is curly, not tangled.

03 February 2010

Scared of the Tax Man

I approach the road that leads me home when I see him. The tax service sign holder. You know, the guy who wears the statue of liberty outfit and has a large red foam hand he waves as I drive by. At first, I would smile and wave, but now I avoid. I think he's memorized my ritualistic comings and goings and just when I think I've made it home without a tax man sighting, 'Ta-Da,' he appears out of nowhere.

*Disclaimer: I understand the tax man gets paid to wave at me and really, I should think of him as my own person welcome home committee. On the flip side, maybe I like to keep a low profile and I think he may be logging my every move in some secret notebook he keeps on his person.