19 June 2012

There's No Place Like Home

I have spent quite a bit of time with my family during the past several weeks and it has been so great. Meags and I went to B town for my cousins wedding and then a couple of weeks later, I traveled home to visit with the entire fam. We spent time laughing, playing, and of course we went for root beer ice cream cones. 

Marshmallow gun fights and playing at the park.

Clay and his family came for a visit and Syden's one wish was that the family go to Craters of the Moon and how could we say no. My favorite moment was when we entered the first cave and the girls were crying and Clay turned to Tennille and asked why she was still wearing sunglasses and it was then that I realized I was also wearing mine. No wonder it was extra dark inside the cave.

This girl melts my heart and I love her mad yoga skills. 

 My mom has a collection of grandma and grandpa Bingham's glasses and we like to wear them whenever we get together. Tradition!

My sister-in-law insisted that we all go to the Potato Museum in B town so off we went. I found a dress I would like to make and wear at my next formal event. 

And I simply love this Western Union sent to housewives back in the day. 

15 June 2012

Celebrate the Changes

Life doesn't always go as we think it should.

                                            Change happens. 

People move-whether physically, emotionally, or both.

                        Hearts ache and are broken.

Sometimes it feels as though the only consistent thing in life is change. It can be easy to sink into a hole of bitterness and long for the past and a time that we deemed to have been perfect. I believe that change can be a good thing- allowing a person to find strength and character and a renewed sense of self. Celebrating the changes is something I was reminded of while recently watching a film and this lesson could not have come at a better time. Change is hard and is not always welcome and there may be days that I want to hide but I choose to put on my brave face and meet the challenges with confidence. In the past month, I have bid farewell to friends moving to different states. I learned of a close friend unexpectedly losing their father. Another watched as her mother's battle with cancer came to an end. Lest this becomes a heavy post, it should be noted that some change is and has been positive. The birth of a child. Friends finding love and being married. New opportunities at work. Travel plans. With change all around, I choose happiness. I chose to take one day(or second) at a time and move forward, knowing that this life is mine and I can and will continue to do amazing things, even if I take a few detours from the path I think I want in order to find something even better.