27 September 2010

Spin Wisdom

I attended a Spin class a couple of weeks ago and I can proudly declare that I completed lotoja. The instructor had competed in the race and felt we, as a class, needed to experience the same. There were many "highlights" during class but maybe the best was when the instructor decided we would do 1 minute pushes. Now, I'm no cycling pro, but I'm pretty sure 1 minute pushes are difficult while on STATIONARY bikes. I have now completed Road Biking 101 and have dropped out of this particular class. Oh, and slow country music does not help me make it up the hill.

Tonight, Rachelle and I attended our regular Monday night Spin and it was fabulous and crazy hard. The music is different every week, we sweat...a lot, and the instructor Lisa often sings along with her music selection. Tina Turner/Lisa told me I'm "Simply the best. Better than all the rest." Then Charlie Daniels informed me that "I'm the best that's ever been." Tim McGraw and Nelly reminded me that "it's all in my head" which pushed me up the hills. At the end, Pink Floyd sang it best with the words "I have become comfortably numb."


stacie lewis said...

HaHa! I love spin! Good music helps get up those "hills"

Allison said...

Oh i miss exercising. Miss you more. :)

Cassidy and Nicole Anderson said...

I'm a one year spin drop out!