19 April 2008

Feeling lucky

Construction on 33rd S is driving me crazy. I exit the condo on 11th E and usually wait in a long line of cars being driven by people who thought that driving through the condo complex would save them time. They are so wrong. Eventually someone lets me turn left onto 11th and soon I make it to work. I battle the cars and construction on the way home as well.
One morning I tried to turn right onto 33rd from the condo only to find the exit is blocked because of the roadwork. I back up and find another way to leave to complex. Later that night I drive down 33rd and find that I can't turn into the complex from 33rd nor can I turn onto 11th E. I turn right onto 11th and make a U-turn and 10 minutes and 20 potholes later I am home. I find a new way home each night. Just because I can leave one way in the morning does not mean I can return the same way. And what's up with the no left turns for what seems like 500 miles? I'm not even sure what they are working on but I do know that I'm not very hopeful that the roads will be fixed. Instead they will try to cover up the problem and we'll go through this nightmare again next Spring. My thinking is that it would be more cost effective to really fix the road instead of masking the problem every year, but what do I know?

16 April 2008

Accident prone

On Friday the 11th of April I drove home to Idaho for the weekend with a few friends. I was calling a friend on the phone and as I turned the corner to head down the hallway of my parents house, I stubbed my toes on a roll of flooring that is going to be installed in the bathroom. Somehow I made it through the call and then fell to the floor in pain. My middle toe took most of the beating and I popped it once, but it is still misshapen and purple.
The next day I was coming out of the bathroom and my right arm ran into the doorknob. Truly a miracle that I didn't get a bruise from that encounter. Later that day I walked Syden to the car so he could go to the church with my mom. I buckled him in, turned around, and the left side of my body ran into a brick wall. I was a little surprised at this and stood for a moment collecting my thoughts and then started laughing and went inside to tell everyone what happened.
Sunday was game day. I went to the hall closet and as I reached for Catch Phrase, flashlights came flying out of the cupboard and just as I was rejoicing that nothing fell on my toes, a large aerosol can of something hit me on the head. I turned to see if anyone had noticed and of course one person saw the whole fiasco. I laughed out loud and cried on the inside as I felt the bump on my head. Later that night I was holding my niece Avry and we were putting the game away when an easter basket fell on Avry's head. At that moment I realized I should have spent the weekend in a bubble.

15 April 2008

One who buys pennies

I started a post a few months ago and never posted it and now, thanks to my friend Cory, I don't have to. Let me explain. I started a post telling all about my job, but for some reason I never got around to posting the final draft. I admit that my job is flexible and laid back, but I also work hard, contrary to what a couple of my friends may say. Cory was kind enough to write a post on his blog about my life and job as a social worker for individuals who have a brain injury. It's important to remember that one shouldn't believe everything that one reads, especially before sources are checked and found to be credible.

11 April 2008

I have to go

Frantically I run up the stairs and into the condo pausing only briefly to say hello to my roommates. I change my clothes and I'm on my way out the door. I am stopped by questions: "What are you doing? Who are you going with?" To these questions I answer, I'm leaving the condo to see friends and I'll be back later. As I run down the stairs, I make sure I have everything I will need. Water bottle-check. Purse-check. Wallet-check. Camera-check. Burt's Bees lip balm-check. Burt's bees lip balm-check.(I always carry at least 2 in my purse in case I lose one). I'm feeling pretty good because I'm going to make it on time and then it hits me- the "I have to go to the bathroom even though I haven't had a lot of water recently and I just went 30 minutes ago, but soon I'll be sitting for a few hours and there is no way I am missing one minute of(insert activity here) so I better go before it starts urge."
Why does this happen and don't pretend that it doesn't happen to you because I've asked some pretty reliable sources and they have also encountered the need to go. Until this mystery is solved, I will do my best to allow a few extra minutes before activities begin so that I can go to the restroom. Speaking of restrooms, I have to go.

03 April 2008

An enrichment to remember

I was talking to some girls in my ward when I heard the Bishop's daughter say: "They broke the glass." I thought that someone had broken a glass in the house, but soon I wished it were that simple. I turned to the window and saw a person walk away from a car, zip up a backpack, get on a bullet bike with another person, and ride off down the road. I felt frozen as I stood there and then someone asked whose car was broken into and I said that it looked like Stacy's. Stacy ran outside while someone called the police. It was Stacy's car that was broken into and her purse was stolen so she immediately called to cancel her credit and debit cards. Angie was smart enough to take a picture of the bike with her camera phone, but the license place was bent so we couldn't read to numbers. The police came and there wasn't much they could do, but he did take a copy of the picture Angie took in case the thieves are caught in the future and can be linked to this crime as well. Earlier in the week, another friends car was broken into at the church parking lot and his wallet, jump drive with papers from college, school books, stereo, and other items were taken.