28 December 2007

I've been tagged

Thanks for tagging me Stef. Here is a list of 6 random facts about me:

1) I love going to the dentist. I'm sure it helps that I can watch movies while my teeth are being cleaned, but I loved going to the dentist before watching movies was an option. Oh how I love clean teeth.
2) I can't open a jar of peanut butter without dry heaving. For some reason, the smell of a newly opened jar of peanut butter makes me sick. Lohrs, do you think you can help me with this?
3) I wish I was an artist. My grandpa was an artist-he painted, made a wagon and a sleigh, made his own saddles, belts, built his house. I could go on, but won't. I loved watching him work in his studio. Don't tell me that anyone can draw because I don't believe it-I've tried. Maybe I should take lessons, but I'm not sure it would be worth it because I already think I'll fail.
4) I want to travel the world and a must see is Russia. Maybe I should have been born in Russia. Not really, but a guy did tell me I should have.
5) I got stuck in an elevator when I was 3 years old. According to my parents, I either didn't get off the elevator when everyone else did or I got on without anyone else, but the point is, I got stuck and it was scary.
6) I worked at a Monster Truck rally one weekend in high school. Pretty redneck huh? I even took a ride in a monster truck and have pictures to prove it.

27 December 2007

Christmas Surprise

My parents and I were on our way to take Grandma Bingham home after the Christmas dinner we had at my aunt and uncle's house when I asked my dad to drop me off first. Dropping me off before taking grandma home wasn't out of the way so I felt fine about demanding, uh asking, my parents for this one little favor.
I was playing the piano when the doorbell rang. I looked through the peep hole and didn't see anyone. My first thought was "I hope I don't get shot when I answer the door." I must be watching way too many scary movies. I opened the door prepared to karate chop whoever dared come to the house on Christmas, but instead of a thief, I saw my niece Brinley with a bow on her head. She smiled at me and said Merry Christmas Shelley. I gave her a hug and we went into the house and of course I shut the door on my brother, sister-in-law, and niece Noelle. I didn't do it on purpose. I was so excited about seeing Brinley that I momentarily forgot that she probably didn't hitchhike to Blackfoot, ID. My brother parked their vehicle down the road so my parents would be surprised, but they saw Clay walking up the drive-way.
I think my sister and brother-in-laws reactions were the best. I rang the doorbell with Brinley by my side and Pip and Travista kept looking at Brinley and then at me. This is what I heard: "What?" "That looks like Brinley." "What?" "Wait. What's going on?" Finally my nephew Syden came into the room and said, "Hey, it's Brinney. I didn't think she was coming for Christmas. This is the best." My sister said she was trying to figure out where I had found a child and why I brought the child to their house. My sister must think I'm crazy.
Having my brother and sister and their family's home for the holidays was the best present of all.

19 December 2007

Christmas is coming

Hi, my name is Shelley and I'm a Christmas shopping procrastinator. Admitting I have a problem is the first step right? I've made at least 2 kazillion lists of what I need to buy this year and I finally went shopping on Friday. My New Year's Resolutions for 2007 did not include delaying my shopping until the week before Christmas, but I'm up for the challenge.
The plan was to be finished with my shopping by the 1st of December, but that date has come and gone and I still haven't shipped the presents to my brother and his family in Oregon. Sorry Clay, Tennie, Brinners, and Noelle-a-belle. At the rate I'm going, you will receive a package from me on or before July 4, 2008. My intentions are good, in fact they are great. I'm trying to be more practical in my gift giving to family members and I know they will love that[insert 1/2 c of sarcasm here]. Shouldn't my time spent with each of them be gift enough?
I should stop before I sound like an even bigger Scrinch (Scrooge + Grinch). I love Christmas. I love the bright sky after a snow storm. Sledding. Hot chocolate. Walking like a Duckguin (Duck + Penguin) and becoming an ice skater even when I don't want to. Sleigh Rides. Christmas music. Time with family. Sugar Cookies. Adding random items to my mom's nativity. Singing with my dad and sister in church and at the State Hospital and Prison. Christmas lights. Family Talent Show on Christmas Eve. Ugly Sweater and White Elephant Parties. Shopping. I'm serious. I love shopping. I stop buying myself gifts at the beginning of December or else I'll open presents on Christmas morning and have to confess to my parents that I already own everything they bought for me.
It's too late to go back and change my procrastinating ways this year, but look out 2008. I'll be ready for you. In fact, maybe I'll start my 2008 Christmas shopping in January. Nah. Who am I kidding? Baby steps is what I need to keep in mind so I'll plan on starting my shopping next year on December 1st.
Merry Christmas!

16 December 2007

Rio of the Cafe

I spent a lot of time at Cafe Rio on Friday. Nicki, Andrea, and I worked together at Tri Connections. Nicki was a support staff and eventually became a program manager over Supported Employment and Andrea was the program manager over Family Support and Supported Living. Andrea and I both work for the State, and Nicki is a stay at home mom living in Mississippi with her husband Joe and son Chase.
I forgot how much I loved working with Nicki and Andrea until we spent a couple hours reminiscing about our job working with individuals with a developmental disability. We supported and leaned on one another through: break-ups, a miscarriage, attempts to quit smoking, running a 5K, death of a co-worker, our office being closed, and a move across the country. Through it all, we have remained good friends and my life is blessed because of them. Nicki's son Chase was recently diagnosed with cortical visual impairment and he has multiple seizures everyday. Nicki knew there was something wrong months ago, but the doctor wouldn't listen to her. Andrea and I emailed and spoke to her on the phone encouraging her to keep fighting because she knew her child better than anyone and if she felt something was wrong, she was probably right. Chase now has a new doctor and Nicki is finally being heard and Chase is receiving the care he needs. Chase may not be able to see, but he knows the voice of his mother because whenever Nicki spoke, Chase would turn his head in her direction. So many life lessons shared during this lunch.

Friday night I ate at Rio with Chantelle, Meagan, Shannon, Kaydi, Sue, Suzy, and Becky. Kaydi was in town from Portland for 24 hours and I had to see her. I was so excited to see her that I couldn't stop myself from holding her hand while our picture was being taken. Kaydi tells the best stories so the next time you see her, be sure to ask her about the shark tooth and ask her to show you her camera case. I laughed so much during dinner and the rest of the night was just as entertaining. A few highlights from the white elephant party included: Chuck Norris t-shirts, inflatable guitars, a pregnancy test, a love machine robot that sings and dances, and an outhouse calendar.
Friday, December 14, 2007 is a day I will not forget.

07 December 2007

You'll shoot your eye out

I was driving down the road with Emilee and Martha enjoying the Christmas lights when I saw something that made me smile. I did a double take to make sure my eyes weren't playing a trick on me. There in the window was a leg lamp and a red rider BB gun just like the ones in the movie A Christmas Story. I parked the car, got out my camera, left my purse on the hood of my car, and crossed the street with Emilee and Martha to get a better look and a picture. I expected the owner of the home to come to the window at any moment while we were gawking at the window, but no one came. I got my pictures and we were out of there. What a night.
My family watches this movie every year. It's a cheesy movie, but it's tradition to watch at least part of the 24 hours of A Christmas Story on TNT. Bless you TNT.

04 December 2007

101 things to do with a potato(or maybe just 3)

So much talk of potatoes this week. I find myself becoming excited just talking about potatoes and the planting and harvesting of those starchy wonders. I love potatoes. There, I've said it. I'll have you know that Blackfoot, Idaho is the potato capital of the world. I don't know how the world decided that Blackfoot is the capital, but that's just how it is folks so deal with it or better yet, eat a potato.
Blackfoot even has a potato museum with a giant potato out front. It's not a real potato, but it's great place to bungee jump off of, it's that large of a potato. Being from Blackfoot, I felt it my civic or potato duty to work in a potato processing plant one summer. The pay was great for a college student and who knew I'd reconnect with so many friends from high school. No need to attend my class reunion, I saw them everyday at work. Maybe not everyday because I only lasted 12 hours. I'm getting ahead of myself. I was put to work in the scalloped potato room. The smell was awful and the potatoes danced by me on a conveyor belt. Watching the potatoes do the swing was enough to upset my stomach and send me straight to the garbage can. The best part was that it was all caught on video and soon my supervisor showed up with some peppermints. "Don't worry, a lot of people throw up on their first day. It'll get better." Better? Of course things will get better. I knew in that moment I would not be going back...ever again. I lasted the 12 hours with my best friend can, as in garbage can, and waited patiently for my ride. I got home and announced I wasn't going back and my parents knew I was serious. Oh the joy of potatoes.
Idaho cares about the education of the children of the future so much so that we had the best art supplies-a potato. I've never had a better stamp in my life. Try it. It's inexpensive and when you are finished with the art project, you can cut the potato into fries and eat them as a snack.
Speaking of eating potatoes, I have a huge bag of potatoes at my place, so stop by for some art lessons and fries. See you soon.