26 February 2010


Dear Olympics,

I counted down the days until the start of the Olympics and I've faithfully watched events almost every night for the past two weeks. Ice skating is not my favorite event, but I lasted through the short and long(very, very long) program to see Evan win gold. In addition, I spent many afternoons watching hockey, cross country skiing, and curling while at the gym or working from home. I researched stories on the athletes and feel as though we are friends. One might say I'm obsessed with the Olympics and I will have to agree. BUT, I'm tired and need a break. I could turn the television off, but if I have learned anything from the Olympics, it is that I should never give up. So, I will continue watching as many events as possible and then will go into hiding for a week to catch up on sleep.





Candice said...

I love the Olympics, but feel that I have neglected the athletes this time around. I'm proud of your determination. Go for Gold, Shel.

Ralph Mortensen said...

I haven't figured out the curling,but enjoy it. Ski jumping and the airials(sp)are exciting and the cross country makes me tired and the short track makes me lean and almost fall out of my chair. Go big Red-white-blue.

Shannon said...

Amen sista!

youhana said...