27 September 2010

Spin Wisdom

I attended a Spin class a couple of weeks ago and I can proudly declare that I completed lotoja. The instructor had competed in the race and felt we, as a class, needed to experience the same. There were many "highlights" during class but maybe the best was when the instructor decided we would do 1 minute pushes. Now, I'm no cycling pro, but I'm pretty sure 1 minute pushes are difficult while on STATIONARY bikes. I have now completed Road Biking 101 and have dropped out of this particular class. Oh, and slow country music does not help me make it up the hill.

Tonight, Rachelle and I attended our regular Monday night Spin and it was fabulous and crazy hard. The music is different every week, we sweat...a lot, and the instructor Lisa often sings along with her music selection. Tina Turner/Lisa told me I'm "Simply the best. Better than all the rest." Then Charlie Daniels informed me that "I'm the best that's ever been." Tim McGraw and Nelly reminded me that "it's all in my head" which pushed me up the hills. At the end, Pink Floyd sang it best with the words "I have become comfortably numb."

24 September 2010

Thank you from work

Just a little something I received at the clinic today.

18 September 2010

Redfest 2010

Lohra and I went to Redfest at the U last night to see Ben Lee, fun, and Mates of State. I was feeling rather old in the sea of 18 and 19 year-olds and came to the conclusion that I have no sense of fashion. Fast forward to Mates of State because this is where things became interesting. Lohra and I made our way through the crowd and found ourselves on the 3rd-ish row. Lohra touched the fence at the front so technically she can say she was on the front row, right? Wait. We did make our way to the front row by the end of the concert. I re-learned some important lessons while at the concert:

1) Hygiene lessons should be a requirement at any concert. In fact, deodorant should be handed out at the entrance.
2) Flip flops should only be worn at a standing room only concert IF you want to lose a toenail.
3) Going to a concert with a Superfan will make or break any relationship. Background information: A tall guy on the front row knew every word and was very passionate about Mates of State. Halfway through the concert, we noticed what we assume is his girlfriend, standing behind him. Oh, and she was not singing along but did appear to kind of enjoying the show or she was planning her escape.

4) The crowd will do whatever the singer asks. For instance: a comment was made about crowd surfing and soon a line of people were surfing to the front only to be pulled down by security.
5) If you wait long enough, you may get to meet the performers.

16 September 2010


My friend Rachel invited me to a cooking class this evening. The crowd was small but oh so entertaining. We learned to make caramel rolls, pretzels, and cheeseburger surprise which was a surprise I did not like. Rachel, Meags, and I felt eating the food was more important than actually learning to make the recipes. The head baker and her cohort have an interesting dynamic that I feared may turn into a fist fight at any moment. We entered our names in a drawing, patiently watched rolls sliced, dipped and baked, and then it was time to partake of the goodness. A mom with two young children 'happened' to walk by as the food was being served which meant she no longer had to buy anything since there was free food. A couple on the front row sat in the chairs and ate off the serving plate near the end of the event. Convenient for them? Yes. Not so appealing for the rest of us? Again the answer is yes. It was then time for the drawing and I openly hoped that people would leave so I could win. Meags won a pie and I won....frozen rolls.

09 September 2010

I'm a Model

A friend called this morning asking if he could use a picture of me on Cozycush.com and after much deliberation, I said yes. He sent me the picture he wanted to use and I laughed. Find my testimonial* below.

" Its always nice to come home after classes and just relax and forget about the stress of school for a hour. My Cozy Cush is the perfect place to shut my brain off "
- Shelley M. Penn State

*No, I did not attend Penn State and those are not my thoughts about cozy cush products and yet, I do enjoy watching football while lounging on high quality foam.

06 September 2010

Hot Stuff

As per tradition, my sister, nephew Syden, and myself met my dad for breakfast at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Wimpy's has the best breakfast sandwich which I begin craving a week or two before the fair. We placed our order and talked with Glenn's(Wimpy) family. My nephew Syden turned to me and said "Shae, that guy is staring at you." What guy, I asked. "The guy over there." I'm still clueless and Syden says "Shae, the guy on the hot sauce is staring at you. You know, I can find someone like him if that's what you're interested in dating."

05 September 2010

I believe

My nephew Syden and I went to the Bull Riding event at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. As we were leaving the fairgrounds, there was a 3 year-old boy being taken to Security because he had been separated from his family. My dad, Syden, and I briefly listened as the police questioned the young boy. On the drive home, Syden asked me over and over again "What happens if the little boy's family doesn't find him." "Will the parents remember they have a son?" As we walked into my parent's home, I asked Sy if he would like to pray for the young boy. My father offered a prayer and then as I drove Sy to his house, we were able to talk about my experience with prayers being answered. Although we don't know the ending of the story for the lost little boy, I believe Sy gained a greater understanding of faith and prayer. Each moment provides an opportunity to teach and learn.

03 September 2010

Falling for...

I love fall for many reasons: leaves changing colors, cooler weather, and of course football.