29 November 2011

First (Professional) Haircut

Allison and the twins decided to stay a few extra days after the Thanksgiving holiday while Ben went back to Colorado for work so there was no way I could refuse Allison's request for me to accompany them while the little ladies received a haircut. I know that I was in CO last month for a visit, but we were well overdue for another one. 

At first, Rosie was happy sitting in an airplane and watching a movie:

And then the hair cutting began and the tears freely fell:

Evie was checking out her surroundings and watching Elmo before the cutting:

 And then she appeared to be more concerned about her sister which ended up being a good distraction:

25 November 2011

Black Friday

I awoke Thanksgiving morning and Pip and I went to pick up newspapers with the Black Friday ads. After procuring the ads, we went our separate ways and I made rolls while my mom alphabetized the ads for me. No, I did not ask her to do this but it sure made life easier when plotting the night of shopping. Pip is eight months pregnant so she opted out of the shopping so I went with my Aunt Joyce and we left home around 11p and returned the next morning at 8:30a, just before the freeway was closed due to high winds. I love Idaho! I will admit that by the end of the night/morning, the lack of sleep was kicking in and I should not be held responsible for anything that happened while in stores. I like to think that the other patrons and clerks enjoyed my singing and dancing. 
Making plans

Starting the night at Target

Waiting in line to pay for items

22 November 2011

Genuine Giving

The lady next to me at the gas pump got out and began talking to the gas station attendant and I overheard the following conversation:

"Can you help me?"
"Sure. Would you like me to pump the gas?"
"That would be great. You see, it's been awhile since I have done this."
"No problem. We're here to help."
"Thanks. It's been 17 years since I have pumped gas. My husband usually does this for me."

At this point, I had finished filling up my car and began to drive away and thought about the conversation. I checked to see if the woman was from Oregon aka the state where you don't pump your own gas but she was definitely a Utahn. It's certainly possible that she is from Oregon and was driving a family members car but that doesn't make much sense. Why would the woman who hasn't pumped gas in seventeen years volunteer for gas duty? Whatever the reason may be, there she was, doing something that someone else usually takes care of.

The one thing I do know is that this woman's husband loves her and it reminds me of my parents. I can't remember the last time my mom filled the car with gas. Sure, my mom could take care of this but it's just one of many ways my dad shows my mom that he cares. And I think it takes courage to be on the receiving end of such simple acts of services as well. I see it almost daily in my own life. I can be a fiercely independent person and know that I really trust someone when I allow them to pump gas, or change light bulbs, or switch wiper blades, or make meals, or let them be privy to not only my joy but also my sorrow.

20 November 2011

Grown-Up Christmas List

I realize that the title of this post may cause some distress. I have not forgotten about Thanksgiving but I must write about an event I attended today wherein no pictures were taken. Seriously, what has happened to me?

Last month I was invited to a small dinner group and we talked about everything from our Christmas wish to favorite activities to embarrassing moments. We decided to have another dinner and to exchange Advent calendars(I love chocolate) and drink Jones Soda and that is what happened this evening. I was hoping for Turkey flavored soda but settled for candy cane, pear, gingerbread, and sugar plum. I couldn't decide which one to try so I sampled them all which seemed like the most logical option. The small dinner group turned into dinner for eighteen and let me just say(write) that the conversations were most entertaining. We will be starting a Scholastic book club and are now accepting applications for other members.

To end this post, I leave you with a few things on my Christmas list*:

no more lives torn apart.
that wars would never start.
and time would heal all hearts.
and everyone would have a friend. 
and right would always win.
and love would never end.

*Bless songwriter David Foster for these words.

18 November 2011

Mini Barn

I remember walking to the Mini Barn as a young child with my mom and some neighborhood friends to buy candy while my dad played softball nearby. That little red barn was a part of my childhood in Idaho and then something horrible happened and it shook our small town. A man abducted and killed a store clerk and then killed two more people in the span of three weeks. The judge ordered an execution for two of the murders and a life sentence on the other. I admit that I do not like seeing pictures of this man in the news because he looks so evil. He was executed this morning which is Idaho's first execution in the past seventeen years. I could write all my thoughts and feelings on life in person vs death penalty but instead choose to think of the victim's and their families on this date.

17 November 2011

Best Buddies

I attended the Best Buddies Giving Thanks for Friendship celebration last night. Best Buddies is similar to Big Brother Big Sister programs and connects individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with one-on-one friendships. BYU has the largest chapter in the entire world which was not a shock to me because Cougars are givers. My friends and I enjoyed dinner and a talent show which left me with hurting cheeks from smiling so much. I know several individuals who benefit from Best Buddies and think it is a great program to support.
Rachel and Angie
Don't Stop Believing 

You Make Me Smile lyrical sign

Scene from Oklahoma

Playing the harmonica

14 November 2011

What's Your Passion?

I came across the Holstee Manifesto video the other day and it has me thinking...a lot. I see people around me pursuing their passion and living their dreams and it makes me reflect on my own life and if where I am now and where I am heading is what I want. I have a few ideas spinning around my brain and I think it's time I let them out. Stay tuned...

13 November 2011

First Class Ticket to Mates of State

Several weeks ago, my friend Taylor invited me to the Mates of State concert with he and his friend Hawken. I went back and forth because I have seen Mates of State and while they are great live, I didn't know if I wanted to spend the money for the show. In hindsight, I definitely got more than I paid for and would gladly pay more to experience the night again.

We started at Trio and Taylor gazed awkwardly at a tray of spicy bread wondering if it was for everyone. Luckily, the chef stopped what he was doing and let Taylor know he could eat the bread. Then it came time to order and the guys both decided on the butternut squash ravioli. No big deal. Except, that I ordered first and I chose the ravioli. Maybe we were trying to make it easy on the waitress so all she had to say was, "Your ravioli is almost ready."

After dinner, we made our way to Hatch's Chocolate where my chocolate allergy became part of the conversation as I ordered a steamer with gingerbread flavoring. Delicious. The new place is great for treats and people watching, including the cute matching clothes couple who were clearly on their first or second date.

We finally made our way to the concert and things continued to get interesting. Upon entering, we showed our ID and a couple who had already been inside, stood in front of us to pay for the concert. They turned to us and said something about being in first class and the pursuit to join first class began. We made our way inside and a random guy approached, asking how we were doing and we said fine. He continued staring and said, "I'm also doing good. Thanks," and then he walked away. The first class couple asked Taylor to take their picture and we continued to chat whenever they left first class and joined us in business class. The dancing around us was fantastic and I can't wait to show my new moves at the next party. A couple favorites include the guy who didn't move during the entire concert and the full body dancer who reminded me of Elaine from Seinfeld. Taylor was right behind this guy and it was fun to watch him avoid a head butt from the unpredictable dancing. I can't leave out the guy folding his arms and tapping one finger in beat to the music. And don't get me started on those who struggled to find the beat while dancing.

At the end of the night, I think we all found our calling in life. Taylor will be a professional photographer. Hawken will be the hype guy stringing ivy on the mic stands and preparing the crowd for any given concert. He may also play the trumpet if called upon. And I will clearly be the lead singer in a band.

12 November 2011

I Am the Favorite

I think it's safe to say(write) that I am the favorite aunt. Since there are so many examples to back up this claim, I will focus on my niece Noelle-a-belle. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and I try to visit her and her sister Brinners every 3-4 months. During one of my most recent visits, Noelle was determined to move to Utah with me and she had an answer for any concerns from her family. "Shelley will buy me all new toys and I can visit you during Christmas break." Then it came time for her birthday and she needed a new frog shirt. Whom did she say would come through? Me. She likes to point out that we have the same blue-green eyes. She likes and makes requests for me to sing ridiculous songs about a puppet named Jose and his sombrero. Let's not forget the fact that she actually talks to me whereas she is often silent around other family members. The one area where we disagree on is Jimmer. She is not a fan and I blame it on the fact that her dad is a University of Oregon graduate but I'll keep trying. And now, she isn't eating chocolate...just like her aunt. She refuses to eat chocolate chip cookies and wants her s'more sans chocolate. I'm not 100% sure that she is refusing chocolate since I am allergic(shocking, I know) and she wants to be like me, but it seems like the most logical explanation.

11 November 2011

Grand Opening

I have been anticipating the opening of Crate and Barrel and H&M in Salt Lake and it finally happened today. My friends and I went to C&B first because the line was shorter and we knew we would probably buy more there and that's exactly what happened. 

Here is the front of the H&M line and the rest of the people were huddled outside, awaiting their turn to enter the store. We opted not to wait and then went back later to use a gift card I've been carrying around for almost a year. I liked that H&M was a destination place to shop and wasn't sure I wanted the store here. I'm not sure it will become one of my favorite places to shop, but nice to have the option.

05 November 2011

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night

Just a typical Saturday night with Sy and Avy Shae: rootbeer ice cream cones and a dance party.

02 November 2011

For Sarah

My friend Sarah's year and a half fight with cancer ended last night at 9:15p. As I thought of her, talked to others and read words dedicated to Sarah, it became even more clear that she was a friend to all. She had a way of making each person feel important and valued. Soon after she was diagnosed, I visited with Sarah in her home and her concern was and continued to be for others. As she sat in pain, she wanted to know about my day, my work, and life experiences. I am grateful for her friendship and cherish the time we spent talking about the temple and the sacred covenants we make therein. Her physical pain is now gone and I look forward to the day we will meet again.