18 January 2009

More flour?

"Can I help?"
"Sure," I responded as Syden ran to the bathroom to wash his hands before I had finished telling him he could help make tortillas.

Syden stood on a stool with a look of excitement and wonder as we mixed flour, baking powder, salt, shortening, and water to make what he liked to call 'stickiness.' His favorite part of making the tortillas was rolling the dough into a flat circle. It became a competition to see who could roll the most balls of dough and Syden was kind enough to allow me to roll 2 of the 15 balls of dough-he's such a fierce competitor. I impressed the crowd of one as I flipped the tortillas in the pan and at that moment, I knew I had a loyal fan for life.

03 January 2009

I believe

I was at a stoplight in downtown Salt Lake City and saw two blind girls walking across the street with a man I assume is their guide. The guide walked beside the girls while letting the girls lead the way from one side of the street to the other. As the girls approached the front of my car, I noticed one of the girls was leaving the crosswalk and moving closer to the stopped cars. The group passed my car and the 1st girl continued to walk near the cars and eventually ran into the car next to me with her white cane. The 2nd girl heard the 1st girls cane hit the car and was startled. The guide remained calm and waited for the girls to get back to the crosswalk and reach the other side of the street. Once again on the sidewalk, the guide spoke to the girls and I imagine he asked what each of the girls learned while crossing the street.
As the light turned green and I continued on my way, I reflected on the role the guide plays in the life of the girls. The guide could have grabbed the 1st girl so she didn't walk into a car, but instead, he watched as she found her own detoured way across the street. He was standing by to assist as needed, but wasn't overbearing which lead to the girls being able to find their own way with the skills and knowledge they possess.
I believe some of the most important life lessons are learned when we 'safely crash' with guides nearby to support and give guidance as needed.