13 November 2008

My brother, the doctor

A teacher once told my parents that my brother Clay wouldn't make it in the 'real world' because he lost so many homework assignments. How I wish that teacher could have seen him defend his dissertation for his PhD in Chemistry this past week.
Growing up, my brother defended and protected me and I helped find lost shoes, made sure he made it to church-mostly on time, and gave him advice as needed. He was one of my best friends and I dreaded the day he went away to college, then joined the military, went on a mission, got married, and eventually moved away.
My brother married Tennille while they both working on their undergraduate degrees. Tennie now has an MBA and my brother is a doctor, but not the kind that helps people(just kidding Clay). I always knew he'd be successful, even when others doubted. Way to go Clay. And no, I will not be calling you Dr.