30 September 2011

BYU vs Utah State

Simon, Pelosi, and I ventured to Happy Valley in order to attend the BYU vs Utah State game. Traffic was insane and so we listened to 'the voice of the Cougars, Greg Wrubell.' Simon and Pelos are both Utah State fans and cheered loudly when their team scored within the first 14 seconds. I took a deep breath and continued to cheer for my Cougars. 

Simon, me, Pelosi.

Final Score. Well done, BYU!

The fans rushed the field even though they were asked not to. I guess some Cougars do cut corners. 

23 September 2011

Rise Up

As part of a yearly tradition, Steve, Jamie Lyn, and I attended the BYU vs University of Central Florida game. Thoughts quickly turned to the previous week's game and my hope was that we stayed with UCF and maybe even came out with a win which is exactly what we(BYU) did. Sometimes I think I am on the team and yell, "Put me in coach. I know all about Tradition, Honor, Spirit and I am ready to play."

Great Seats for the game.

UCF brought their own security. 


22 September 2011

Jimmer's All-Stars

Simon and I went to see Jimmer and the rest of the All-Stars play and they did not disappoint. A smile quickly appeared  and I felt like I was coming home as we walked to the Marriott Center on the campus of Brigham Young University. There's just something about that place. 

Now if only the NBA would get it together so I can see these rookies play again.

17 September 2011

A New Home for the Treehouse

My sister called to let me know that today was the big day. The day the treehouse moved to its new home. Memories rushed to my mind as I recalled the time when my Grandpa Bingham built the treehouse for myself and my siblings. For me, the treehouse was and is a safe place; a refuge from the cares and worries in my life and a place where I could be free. The neighborhood children would stop to play in the treehouse on their way home from school and would often write messages inside. I may have also written notes such as Shelley likes Derek or Shelley + Deven=BFF.  I'm glad that my nieces and nephew will be able to enjoy the treehouse and I plan to join them as often as possible. 


14 September 2011

Practically Perfect

Re: Martha

This just in. Martha is now wearing a dress. 

*Picture courtesy of my sister Pip. 

11 September 2011

We All Wear Signs

Last week, I read a blog post about how we treat others and then the lessons came flooding into my life. Experience after experience provided gentle and sometimes not so gentle reminders that we should not only think but act more kindly to others. We must strive to see past what it seems and look for the internal message boards people carry and which may be filled with not only joy but also despair, grief, or pain.

To be gentle with others. And myself.

Go HERE to read the beautiful and powerful message.

09 September 2011

Wilson Phillips with special guest Jerry Springer

There's something really great about a fair. I am biased and like the Idaho fair more than the Utah fair, but Utah does have free concerts. Pelosi and I stood in line an hour before WP tickets became available and we scored sixth row tickets and random tickets on rows 3, 4, 5, and 6. The guys below chose to sleep overnight in order to get the best tickets and ended up on the 4th row. I wonder if they regret that decision.

Onto the concert. Wilson Phillips came out and we proudly sang along with every note. There was some mass confusion as to who was a Wilson and who was a Phillips. I called in for back-up aka the lady in front of me, and she helped settle the confusion. In the picture below, please note how Wendy Wilson is doing her own thing. Chynna Phillips is taking center stage and continuously reminding us to vote for her on DWS and promoting their new reality show. Fingers crossed that I am in the Utah State Fair episode. And then there's Carnie Wilson. Her husband is in the band. Her daughter played the tambourine for a song and she is my favorite. That woman can harmonize like no other.

Wendy and Carnie are Brian Wilson's(Beach Boys) daughters and Chynna's parents are John and Michelle Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas. WP sang many cover songs which will be featured on their next album to be released in February. I may have enjoyed those songs more than when WP sang their own hits.

The concert was so much fun and the people watching was amazing. And then the concert turned into a scene straight from The Jerry Springer show. A man on the second row, yes second, complained to an usher about two ladies on the front standing and blocking his view. And the arguing continued.

Things appeared to calm down for three seconds and soon the guy in the red shirt had left his seat and found a different usher and we learn that the ladies on the front row are not sitting in the correct seat and must move.

And then things intensified when the ladies tossed their beer at the guy who complained and they are all escorted away from the area while screaming at one another and WP tell the crowd to settle down and hold on for one more day. Truth be told, Hold On was the encore, but they did tell the crowd to settle down.

All things considered, it was a great concert. The Jerry Springer portion was actually sad because the concert was free and they missed some great songs. As for me, I can multitask and enjoyed the two in one show.

06 September 2011

Udderly Fantastic Fair

Sy made this poster for myself and my friends.

I love the horse races. 

Indian Relays are a must see at the fair. 

Entrance to the fair. Best way to spend Labor Day weekend. 

So many stamps. 
For as long as I can remember, Labor Day has been spent in B town with family and friends. My cousin Jackie and her family came home from New Mexico and we had a great time catching up. Some people attend their 5,10, 15 year high school reunions. Me? I go to the fair each year and have my own high school reunion. The fair began with a parade and then we spent several days eating a lot of food and attending events such as: horse races, Indian relay races, rodeo, Tractor Pull, and even an arm wrestling competition. I'm already counting down until E.I.S.F. 2012.

03 September 2011


I remember the days when the lady statue was on display at a gas station but she was often lying on the ground due to vehicles backing into her. Some time ago, she was moved to Martha's Cafe, and naturally became known as Martha. Last summer, I posted a picture of Martha.  We were told she would soon be getting a new dress and then winter came and she was still wearing a bikini. My dad asked the owner if we could put a scarf around her neck, we were given permission, but then Martha was taken down before she could receive her scarf.
Fast forward to this weekend. I was enjoying the Eastern Idaho State Fair parade with family and friends when we saw her. Yes, Martha has returned and now dons a red bikini. I hope she gets more clothing before standing in front of the thriving metropolis of B Town. Please note the bling on her left hand. I hope I'm invited to the wedding.

02 September 2011

This is My Town

Myself, Meags, and Simon traveled to B town so they could experience the best fair in the world. As we were nearing my parent's home, I announced that we needed to stop at the Walker's farm to buy corn. We approached the farm and found the following:

 The smaller sign says "the honor system works here" and it really does. 

Mmmm. The corn was delicious.