29 September 2009

Love you much

The phone rang at 7:46a and I took a deep breath as I prepared myself for what was going to be said. You see, receiving a call from home at that time of the morning is rarely a good thing. "Shelley, Grandma passed away at 3a this morning. Your mom and I were with her until midnight and knew it wouldn't be long before she let go. " I numbly listened for a few minutes and then hung up the phone.
So many memories flooded my head as I thought about her life and all that she has taught me. In many ways, she was not only my grandma, but also a second mom. As a young girl, myself and my brother briefly lived with my grandparents while our parents were dealing with some major health problems and since that time I have had a special connection with my grandma.
My almost 4 year-old niece said it best when she spoke these words after hearing about grandma, "Heaven came and got Grandma Bingham."

Love you much grandma.

13 September 2009

Favorite child

"Syden, do you know which of grandpa and grandma's children is their favorite?"

"Of course I do. My mom and Clay are the favorites because they have kids and you don't."

Note to self: Do not ask 7 year-old nephew any questions without first verifying that he knows the correct answer.