24 December 2009

A husband for Christmas

My 7 year-old nephew Syden asked to have a heart to heart talk. We sat down in the living room and he began to tell me his plan. "Shae, I saw a commercial for a website where you can enter your information and find a husband. I'm going to write all about you and then someone will marry you."

Merry Christmas to me!

23 December 2009

Fire! Fire! Fire!

There are many times when I wonder if the fire alarm system at my place of residence actually works as the main system in the lobby often has a blinking error message. Today I learned that the alarm does work, even when there isn't a fire. I was getting ready to leave the condo when the alarm in our hallway started making a piercing sound that could wake even the heaviest of sleepers. I walked through the condo to make sure I wasn't a possible fire starter and then evacuated the building. Lights in the hallway were flashing and I'm pretty sure I sustained hearing loss from the blaring alarm while walking down the stairs. I stood outside with a couple of neighbors until the fire department gave us the okay to re-enter the building. I quickly gathered my bags and when I was safely in my car, I made an appointment with an audiologist to be fitted for hearing aids.

20 December 2009

Perfect Lights

I love Christmas lights. Perfect Christmas lights. I like simple, classy lights. I may or may not scream when I see perfect lights on a house and may or may not have scared my friend in the process. Here are some lights I have seen in Utah and Idaho that do show perfect lights.

Creepy dolls enjoying the Christmas lights outside the window.

Christmas in Utah

You should see the front yard.

This house has a blow up carousel.

15 December 2009

At a bookstore near you

* Two women in their 70s meet weekly to edit the book they are writing. Good news, Thelma has quit smoking.

* A man and a woman meet for the first time after chatting online. I'll keep my fingers crossed that Fred has once again found love.

* Cathy, the barista, greets customers by name. "Hi, Ryan." "Hello, Joan. How are your children?" This is the place where everyone knows your name. And your life story.

*Jim talks on the phone with his soon to be ex-wife(don't ask me how I know this. I just do) and argues about the children.

* I see a behaviorist whom I work with on a monthly basis. Good thing I have a monthly summary next to my laptop so it appears as though I am working.

13 December 2009

Baby, it's cold outside

I was on I-15 South, heading to a party with a couple of friends when we saw a blue object jump out of the bed of the pick-up in the lane next to us and then heard a crash. We turned to look. I mean. The passengers turned to look while I stayed focused on the road. Yes, that's exactly what happened. The car behind the pick-up swerved to avoid the object and then placed a call on their cell phone. I imagine they were either calling the police or calling the number listed on the window of the pick-up in which the blue object once resided. My friends and I continued our journey to our destination when we saw a plastic swimming pool fly out of the same pick-up and shatter when it hit the pavement. The pick-up driver slowed down for a moment and the sped away. I'm sure they were upset about losing their swimming pool and having to explain to their children that swimming in 20 degree weather will have to wait. Or maybe they fill the pool with hot water and voila, the pool becomes a hot tub in only a matter of minutes.

10 December 2009

Night to Remember

I was at the Energy Solutions Arena for a concert last night when I saw him. Matt Harpring. He is a Utah Jazz player who will not be playing this year because of injuries.

After meeting Matt, I was ready to call it a night and then remembered I was at the Arena for the Phil Vassar concert. I have seen Phil a few times and have met him and he is an amazing performer. Bombshell and Bucky Covington opened for him and they were entertaining but not as good as my Phil.