30 January 2012

Sundance 2012

Some friends and I decided to get tickets to Sundance this year and I must say it was one amazing week. Many of us registered for a locals only time slot to buy tickets and one of us was given the best slot available which helped us to see more than 10 films. Reviewing everyone's schedule and picking film times and locations that worked for the majority was quite the process and I don't recommend doing a project like this one after midnight. One of my favorite things about Sundance is making new friends and meeting people from all over the country. A couple of new friends even gave us tickets to a movie they didn't want to attend. Seeing celebrities was also enjoyable: Emily Blunt, Andie MacDowell, Josh Radnor, Richard Jenkins, Ty Burrell, David Duchovny, and others. A few of my favorite films included Liberal Arts, The Words, The Short Film Program, and Hit RECord with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Sundance included sleepless nights, as many as three films in one day and yet, it was worth it and I plan to attend again next year. I must say that my body crashed after Sundance and it took some time to recover. Spending so much time with friends was therapeutic and helped me through the blahs of winter. There really is something wonderful about having good friends. 

Miguel, Hawken, me, Meags

Killing time before JGL

Hit RECord with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

On stage with JGL

Joey, Ben(Beta Radio), Meags, Hawken, me

Meags, me, Hawken, Mel, Miguel, and the Boys from Jersey

Egyptian Theater: Mel, Hawk, Meags, me, Miguel

On the final day of Sundance: me, Miguel, Hawk, Trina, Brodie

16 January 2012

I Like to Move It

I dread going to the gym the first two weeks of the new year due to the masses deciding to change their life and  treadmills are difficult to find and the trainers are super eager to get new clients. In an effort to be more cordial to the new gymers, I have assembled a list of things I have learned at the gym. 

1) If you get hungry before or after your workout, you now have the option of choosing chips and/or a chocolate bar. Let's call this job security for gym employees.

2) If you decide to make-out in the Cardio Cinema room, please go to a corner where people won't bump into you when they first walk in and their eyes are adjusting to the dark room. It is awkward for all parties, even if it makes for a great story.

3) One more note on kissing couples. Sure, it's adorable that you sit side by side while biking and share a water bottle and towel, but must you lean clear over to be closer and then kiss every few minutes? In their defense, maybe they were merely encouraging one another while biking "uphill."

4) Always remember that you are in a public place while running. Yes, it can be easy to get caught up in the moment and begin screaming or clapping while viewing your favorite show or sporting event, but try to hold it in.

5) You can pick the movie being played in Cardio Cinema. Uh, I mean. I get to pick the movie being played and would like to keep it that way.

6) Wearing ear plugs is necessary during kick boxing. Trust me. I am fairly certain the music volume exceeds the approved decibel level set by the EPA.

7) Sure, keeping a low profile at the gym is great, BUT, once in awhile, look up and smile. You may just meet someone new.