29 May 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

I spent part of Memorial Day weekend in Blackfoot. My Grandma Bingham turned 92 years old and I sang in sacrament meeting with my dad and my mom accompanied us on the piano. We laughed a lot while practicing the song and it brought back so many memories of other times we have sung together. We also drove to the cemeteries to put flowers on the graves of Grandpa Bingham, Grandpa and Grandma Mortensen, and Grandpa and Grandma C.
The rest of my weekend was spent at The Dirt. We played games, guitar hero, and went 4 wheeling. Go here and here for pictures of the weekend.

28 May 2008

Time for a Change

As much as I say I don't like change, I do enjoy the challenge of new situations. Usually, a change for me consists of coloring my hair or growing it out or cutting it or switching brands of deodorant. This week, I've decided to change something that will have a far greater impact on my life than whether I buy Dove and Lady Speedstick deodorant- I got a new job. I hadn't planned on changing jobs because I love what I do, but an opportunity for advancement and better pay came along and I decided to go for it. I'm still working for the state, but I won't be working in the brain injury unit anymore. Instead, I'll be working in the Neurobehavior HOME clinic and will split my time between the clinic near the U and my current office. I love that there is a team of nurses, doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists in one office working together to best meet the needs of each client. I enjoyed my time working in the brain injury unit and I will miss my clients and coordinating the Brain Injury Support Group, but I know I'll continue to be involved in brain injury prevention and awareness efforts. All you fellow bloggers and blog stalkers better wear helmets when biking, 4 wheeling, etc. Besides, there's isn't much chance that I'll be your social worker when you crash and are injured when not wearing a helmet so now is the time to protect your head.

12 May 2008


I was so scared when you called last week and you said something might be wrong. I cried as I thought about and prepared for whatever was going to happen to you and the impact it would have on those close to you. The unknown is frightening and the waiting game is annoying. My phone rang this morning and seeing your name made my heart race and I was nervous to answer. I knew by the way you said my name that you were going to be fine. Relief washed over me and I was overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude that the problem isn't as serious as it could have been.

11 May 2008

It can wait until tomorrow

Life was going pretty well and then I went to eat sushi. As I pulled into the parking lot, I heard a lot of scraping and I think part of my car was left behind. Dan heard my car scraping and decided to park in the parking lot east of the restaurant. After sitting in the restaurant for less that five minutes, Telle went to move the car and she found that the car had been booted. She paid the $80 and moved the car.
Fast forward 4 hours and a group of friends went to see 10,000 BC at the dollar theater. Pelosi dropped us off and she showed up right as we were buying tickets. "I locked my keys in my car. I thought I put them in my purse, but they are in the ignition." After a lengthy discussion, Pelosi decided to call a locksmith because her insurance will reimburse whatever she has to pay to get into her car. The rest of us went to the movie and the fun continued. Pelosi sent a text to Kim saying that it's too expensive to call a locksmith so she called a friend to help and Kim told her what she needed in order to get into her car. Pelosi eventually sent a text saying that she got into our condo and was going to bed so she would attempt to get into her locked car the next day and then asked to make sure we could find a ride home. Kim continued trying to contact a few people, but with no success. Many times during the movie, my thoughts turned the keys locked in the car. Someone could easily break her window and get 2 free purses filled with much goodness as an added bonus. After the movie, the parking lot was searched for a hanger and eventually one was found. Many people told us good luck, including a security guard who told us to buy a slim jim at Skaggs. What good is a slim jim if it's in the locked car and do we have a Skaggs store in Utah? The hanger was used to unlock the door and we drove home and woke up Pelosi so she could see our happy faces.

10 May 2008

Mother Lucy

Happy Mother's Day
My life is blessed because you are my friend and mother. We've been through some difficult experiences, but your strength and faith has helped me to be stronger that I thought I could be. I may not remember much about our life before you became sick, but I do remember feeling loved. There were times you came to choir concerts, clogging competitions, and school activities to support me even when you were in pain and feeling completely drained and I recognize the sacrifices you made for me. I knew I could count on you being there when I came home from school and we would lay on the bed talking about life for hours. Remember when you were my piano teacher and you would tap with a pencil so I knew the timing of the song? I admit there are times I purposely play a song incorrectly hoping that the famous pencil will make an appearance. You taught me the importance of getting an education and reading out of the best books. I don't think I have ever seen you without a book to read. You have a great sense of humor that many miss out on because you don't like being the center of attention and instead say funny things to those sitting next to you. You reach out to everyone around you and serve even when it may be hard to do so. I love you mom.