23 July 2008

We can't afford to be innocent

I went to the Pat Benatar concert this evening with a few friends. We stood in line for less than an hour and ended up on the front row. My heart was beating as I thought about seeing Pat live and I'm pretty sure we had perma-grins the entire night.
Lindsay Rush opened for Pat and Neil and she was a pretty good singer, but all I wanted was Pat and Neil to come on stage. When Pat and Neil finally came on stage, the crowd went wild. Pat sang the songs everyone knows including Hit Me With Your Best Shot even though she doesn't like to sing that one anymore. At one point Neil looked at us on the front row and said 'many of you weren't born when we first started singing.' Pat smiled at me and she touched my hand. I thought about never washing that hand again, but I knew my health inspector roommate would not approve of that decision. And more importantly, I wouldn't approve of the decision to not wash my hands. I sound like I have multiple personalities.
Back to the concert. Pat was entertaining and sounds great live. We sang along to every song and lost our voices and hearing by the end of the night. I felt like I was in the movie Bucket List and seeing Pat put one more drop in my bucket. Such an incredible concert.

17 July 2008

Movie Theater Work Out

I was talking about the Cardio Cinema room at Gold's Gym with some co-workers when Lisa jumped into the conversation and the following is my conversation with her.
Me: I love going to the movie theater room.
Lisa: You work out while at the movies?
Me: Yes, I find that it's best to go to a theater that has stadium seating so I can do squats up and down the stairs. Sure, people may get annoyed as I walk up and down the stairs, but we're talking about my health and exercising is an important part of my daily routine.
Lisa: Ooh. You can buy candy and use it as weights for an arm workout. And just lifting the large popcorn is a workout so you definitely burn calories.
Me: Exactly. I can also lay down in the front of the theater and work on my abs.
Anyone want to go to a movie?

03 July 2008

I own the Boston Celtics

When I was in middle school, I was student of the month and at the end of the year, I won a prize. What prize? 1 share of Boston Celtics stock. I remember talking to a financial adviser and he told me about my new investment and all the money I would make with my 1 share. I have received a check in the amount of $1-2 every year since middle school and after awhile, I forgot about my share. Besides, I was told the stock would be sold to someone else after one year.
A couple years ago I received a letter saying that the Boston Celtics, or actually, Henley Limited Partnership, would like to buy my stock for $20. I signed a form and soon received the $20 check in the mail. I no longer owned stock in the Boston Celtics. At least, that's what I thought, until my mom handed me a check yesterday for $5.35 from Henley Limited Partnership as 'final' payment for selling my stock. The last paragraph of the letter that came with the check explaining why I received the money, said that I could possibly receive more money in the coming years.
I'm going to be rich. Go Celtics.

01 July 2008


Mike asked if I wanted to play H-O-R-S-E and I wasn't sure I wanted to play because I haven't shot a basketball for quite some time. I decided to play and ended up winning. And by winning, I mean that there was no way I could lose. Maybe Mike was having an off night or maybe I'm just that good. On second thought, he probably was having an off night.
After Mike and I finished playing, Gundry, David, and Jennifer decided to play P-I-G so it would be a shorter game. Shorter game? Yeah right. A crowd gathered to watch the game and Elliott was a great water guy. We thought David was going to lose many times, but he always made his life saving shot. I was feeling pretty good about the game, until David started bringing out the props. 'This is what you're going to do. Jump over the chair and shoot with your right hand or run, grab the frisbee off the chair with your left hand and shoot with your right.' Luckily he either missed or Mike would miss so I wasn't forced to try sustaining a brain injury while playing. We should have worn helmets.
At one point, David stood with his back to the basket and threw the ball over his head and made the shot. Mike was after David and he too made the shot which meant it was my turn to do the same. A hush came over the crowd and I asked Gundry to make sure the ball didn't end up in the fire. I took a deep breath and tossed the ball. I didn't dare watch the ball fly through the air. The crowd went wild, high fives were exchanged, and I was in shock that I made the basket.
At the end of P-I-G, David won gold, I won silver, and Mike won bronze.