16 September 2007

Peanut Sauce anyone

My friend Allison is getting married next month so some friends got together for a Bridal Shower/Dinner/Girl's Night/you get the point night. As soon as I walked into the restaurant and met our waiter, I knew we would have a great time. We had Allison wear a pink feather boa and a tiara with an attached veil during dinner-what a trooper. Such a good idea to go out to eat so no one had to make all the food, come up with a games(not such a fan of games played at bridal showers), or find a place large enough to accommodate everyone.

Near the end of the evening I felt something or someone brush against the back of my shirt. I turned to see a waitress looking at me with a horrified expression. She started to apologize and said something had spilled onto my shirt and she would clean my shirt for me. She continued to apologize and I told her not to worry about it-I thought it was funny, except that I smelled like peanut sauce the rest of the night. When I took Allison home her dogs were sniffing at my skirt and I just knew they too could smell peanut sauce. What a funny experience.

Being with the girl's to celebrate Allison's upcoming wedding was just what I needed. Having great friends is something I cherish and I'd like to think I make an honest effort to be a better friend, but I know there's always room for improvement.


*MILLY* said...

I smell curry.....

ring a bell?

Phil Honus said...

Great story about the peanut sauce, Shelly, although, as a man with a peanut allergy, I'm a little offended, since hearing about peanuts for me is like talking to a cancer survivor about cancer appreciation week, or asking a burn victim to do all of the barbecuing at the family reunion, or inviting a friend who just had a heart attack to McDonald's, or taking a gun shot victim hunting and then shooting him.
BTW, BoShnickels and Phil Honus are two different people. I saw that you had BoShnickels AKA Phil Honus on your blog chaos, but it would be more correcter to have BoShnickels with Phil Honus, or any sort of phrasing that clarifies their separate enitity-ness.
Nuthin but love for your blog, Shells. Don't feel bad about spreading some hate, either. I would have no problem being on the receiving end of some serious ridicule. Or praise.