11 October 2007

Quick Trip, Great Stories

I went to the land of snow and wind this past weekend. Snow covered the mountains and several times while driving I wanted to stop and climb the mountain and look out over the land below. I didn't climb anything except the stairs to my parents home for many reasons: I was wearing flip flops, wasn't wearing a jacket, and I was tired.
Anxious to see Syden and Avy Shae, I called my sister Pip as soon as I unloaded the car and said hello to the parentals. Grandma Bingham, Pip, Travista, and the kids came for Sunday dinner and some free entertainment.

Let me tell you about the entertainment. Syden pulled out a tooth and 'played' the piano. Avy Shae insisted on playing the piano with her behind and laughing uncontrollably while doing so. This little girl doesn't like people to sing to her...unless they sing off-key, which I just happen to do professionally. It's difficult, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy, even if everyone else clears the room when I sing.
Pip, Syden, and I drove to grandma Bingham's house to see the snowman and to play in the backyard. My grandpa built a tree house when I was younger and I think it has shrunk a little.
On Monday morning Syden was worried I would make him miss the school bus. I was sitting in the living room and Syden said to me: "When are you going to be done with your face so we can go?" WHAT?! I laughed so hard. Kids these days.
My favorite part of the weekend was hearing my dad read to the kids and seeing Avy Shae follow my mom around the house giving her hugs and kisses. Doesn't get much better than that.


*MILLY* said...

oh family!! great times with family! Your fam is so cute! you are so cute!

A STAR is born said...

Does anybody else get anxiety when they have to type in those secret word things? Dang robots.
Sounds like a killer weekend. I'd like to hang out with Syden more. He seems to be one of us, somehow.

Phil Honus said...