23 October 2007

Open up your mind and through it let the wisdom pour

I write. I save. I delete. I write. I save. I delete. And the cycle continues. Maybe sometime within the next year I will actually post this on my blog.
The past month has been an interesting one to say(or write) the least. Much has happened in the life of those I love, including myself of course.
~Aching for a sick child
~Seeing potential in a loved one and holding on to the hope that they too will see what you see
~Realizing some things don't last forever
~Heartache after a break-up
~Feeling strength from those who matter most
~Fear of failure, but enjoying the journey wherever it may lead
~Publishing research in a national journal
~Worrying someone you love will be gone too soon
~ Cherishing every moment
~Road-tripping with the girls
~Sleep-overs and bedtime stories

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