02 November 2007

Triple Yay

After work today I decided to run at Sugarhouse park rather than go to the gym and run on a treadmill while watching a movie and listening to music. My attention span while running on a treadmill is minimal, if not, non-existent unless I have many things to see and listen to.
I have an extra keyless entry remote for my car that I attach to my shoes or put in my pocket, if I have a pocket. I've attached the remote to my shoes hundreds of times before and I figured today would be much the same. I finished one lap, looked down, and realized the remote was gone. AHHHH! I was surprisingly calm and quickly ran back the way I came while looking for the remote. I watched people as I passed and wondered if they had picked up the remote. A couple times I panicked and kept praying and hoping I would either find the remote or someone else would find it and be waiting at my car for me to arrive. I sat at my car for a few minutes contemplating my options when a couple drove up in their pick-up. I decided to ask them if I could use their phone to call someone. I asked this particular couple to use their phone for a number of reasons which included: 1) she had a sticker on the pick-up that read 'Run like a girl' 2) he wore a Boston Red Sox jacket and 3) they had a dog. I explained the situation and they allowed me to call someone. Uh, do you think I have any numbers memorized? Of course not. I knew I could call my mom or Pip and they could call Yizz, but no one answered at either house. The lady whom we shall call Deb said she had AAA so she called and arranged for someone to come within 30-40 minutes. I sat around watching people, completed an ab workout, and listened to music. While waiting I laughed to myself because earlier in the day I couldn't figure out what to do between working out and going to a Simply Fun game party, and there I was sitting at the park not sure if I would make it to the party at all.
Eventually the yellow van showed up and the door was unlocked. I found the couple who had let me borrow their AAA card and thanked them over and over again.
Thank goodness for kind people who have AAA and use that to help others in need. Guess I'll be making copies of my key this weekend.


*MILLY* said...

yeah for AAA, my parents buy that for me every year. I am glad some great people helped you out!! it is all karma, you help others and others helps you back! how bad would that have been if you went to your car...and it was GONE! dodged that one! :)

Phil Honus said...

had it ever crossed your mind that it was the old people who took your keyless remote?
Glad to see you're posting again. I've missed you.