04 November 2007

Year of the Constitution

During college I thought about being a lawyer, a constitutional lawyer to be more precise. I took many pre-law classes and was scared out of my mind. I remember looking around the classroom one day and thinking I would never make it as a lawyer. My Constitutional Law professor, Dr. C., was demanding and challenging. He is a Harvard graduate and one of the most brilliant people I have met. He had our names written on index cards and would randomly call on us to answer questions such as: Which amendment does Marbury v Madison discuss and which justices concurred with the decision and which justices dissented? The tests in his class were essays and I remember working so hard for that class and I am happy to say that I did pretty well in a class full of future lawyers and judges. I never went to law school, but I still have time right?

Cecil O. Samuelson, BYU's president, and his wife spoke on the Constitution at a forum in September. President Samuelson is calling this the Year of the Constitution and encouraged all students to read a book about the Constitution. Chief Justice John G. Roberts, chief justice of the Supreme Court, was the forum speaker in October and he also spoke on the the Constitution. He encouraged students to not only read a book about the Constitution, but to also read the Constitution.
After listening to both forum addresses, I have decided to follow the counsel given and read the Constitution and at least one book on the Constitution in the coming year. I started searching for a book when Chief Justice Roberts said that one of the best books to read is The Federalist Papers. Well, that solves the dilemma of choosing a book. I have much to learn about this document, how it came to be, and how it shapes our lives today. I can't wait to start reading.


Lohra said...

Good idea. I should read up on that good ole' document too, especially if we're uh...ahem...well, you know...

Phil Honus said...

I personally think our days should be spent pursuing time travel so that we can change the constitution to say what we want it to.