16 July 2011

What's My Name?

I like nicknames. As a child, I was known as Belle and/or Shell Bell until I went to school and then I had to learn my name is really Shelley. There's something really great and connecting when a friend or family member calls me Shell, Shae, Bob, or any of my other nicknames. In turn, I like to give people nicknames.
My friend Pelos(short for Pelosi whose first name is Nancy) met some people from my hometown and had the following conversation:

Pelos: "My friend is from B town and you have the same last name. Her parents are Rufus and Lucy. Except, that's not their real names and I can't remember their given names.
Locals: Hmmmm. I don't know how to help you figure out their names, but I'm sure we know them.
Pelos: "Wait! She has a sister who is a hair stylist in town. Her name is Pip. Uh, that's not her name and well, you know the rest."

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courtney said...

ha ha! I love nicknames too. One day I called my daughter "Bella" which is not her name but something we've called her since birth(she's nearly 6). My dad looked at me and said, "Did you just call her Bella?" Um yeah dad, where ya been?