15 July 2011

H to the P

I admit that I was a little late in jumping on the Hogwarts Express. My elementary education friends kept talking about the books and did their best to convince me to give the books a try even though I am book snob. I started reading the books after watching the first movie and have been hooked ever since. I have attended the midnight showing for the past several movies and my friends and I decided to dress up in honor of the final movie. There were many people dressed up for the movie and I wish I had taken more pictures of the owls, Sirius Black, Mad Eye Moody, and Storm Troopers. Yes, Storm Troopers and Darth Vader made an appearance at the theater.

Approximately 1 hour into the movie, I started to hear uncontrolled sobbing and sniffling behind me and then it seemed to multiply. I looked at my friends and we all smiled and handed the girls behind us a few kleenex's. The girls proceeded to cry during the rest of the movie. I did not shed one tear.

HP, Ginny, Prof McGonagal, Luna, and Dobby


Allison said...

SO cute!!! Saw it late last night and I must admit I did cry a little. Sad it's over. I need to see you!!xo

Tennille said...

Love the costume! If Brinley sees this picture, you may well be playing Harry Potter 24 hours a day on your upcoming visit. In fact, she was wearing her Griffindor robe all evening.

Lindsey said...

Love the McGonagal, definitely the best of them all!! Sooo fun! You are awesome!