02 October 2011

Picking Perfect Pumpkins

Pip, Sy, Avy Shae, and I went to Shoemaker's farm to pick pumpkins and of course it started to rain while we were in the field. We all laughed and quickly picked out several pumpkins. Sy had to have the biggest pumpkin he could find and it took both of us to detach it from the vine. What a kid. Avry decided to pick several small pumpkins and helped load them on the scale inside the small farm store. I think Pip and I look forward to this yearly trip as much as the kids. After picking pumpkins, we went to pick apples, and then we had a sleepover at grandma and papa's house. Pretty much an amazing weekend.

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Tennille said...

Our favorite activity of the fall too. Too bad we couldn't all do it together :(