09 October 2011

BYU vs San Jose State: Another Win

I'm beginning to think I should have purchased season tickets to BYU football. I have attended the past three games and BYU has won each of those games which clearly means I need to be there for every future game.  It should be noted that the girl behind us in the picture was cheering for San Jose St which may explain why she is sticking out her tongue.

Post edit: I failed to mention one of the most exciting events which happened after the game. The Cougar marching band was leaving the stadium and Lohra and I noticed that the band member on the last row was all alone so we had to join her. We marched as the band exited and played imaginary instruments. Sadly, this was not documented by myself or my friends so if a video or picture appears on the world wide web, please send it to me.


Shannon said...

Sick. All of you are sick.

Allison said...

SOOOO fun. GO COUGARS! I remember my roommates and I once attacked a lone trombone player at a BYU game and I have pic of us standing with him and we all look positively delighted and he looks terrified. Those poor band members. :) So excited for you to come!

Kami said...

You are definitely their good luck charm! Looks like fun! Love that you were a member of the band for a minute or two. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the youtube clip.