23 October 2011

Happy H'owl'oween!

Tonight I ventured to Utah County for the annual Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza with Jamie and Nicole. Now, last year(and maybe the year before) there were problems cutting the top off the pumpkin and a sliced thumb so I was apprehensive about my abilities to carve. I started looking for ideas months ago and felt confident that I could carve an own without a pattern. It should be noted that my grandpa was an artist and would come to my elementary school to teach art lessons and I would leave my project unfinished for fear that my teacher would expect me to be an artist like my grandpa. Oh the pressure I put on myself.

We ate dinner and then it was time to start carving. I took a deep breath and with a picture of what I wanted to carve beside me, I dug into the pumpkin. Soon after, my pumpkin was finished and Jamie and Nicole were just getting started. Apparently I had a one track mind while carving and couldn't be bothered with treats, a scary movie, or conversation. I like the look of Horace Hedwig and have already started thinking of ideas for next year.

Horace the Owl, Casper the Friendly Ghost, and Marvin the French Bulldog.


Tennille said...

Love, love, love the pumpkin. Maybe there is some of that Bingham artist in you after all!

Deanna said...

Awesome job!

Cassidy and Nicole Anderson said...

I tried to recreate your owl pumpkin. My friend asked me if it was a cat when she saw mine! :(