03 April 2008

An enrichment to remember

I was talking to some girls in my ward when I heard the Bishop's daughter say: "They broke the glass." I thought that someone had broken a glass in the house, but soon I wished it were that simple. I turned to the window and saw a person walk away from a car, zip up a backpack, get on a bullet bike with another person, and ride off down the road. I felt frozen as I stood there and then someone asked whose car was broken into and I said that it looked like Stacy's. Stacy ran outside while someone called the police. It was Stacy's car that was broken into and her purse was stolen so she immediately called to cancel her credit and debit cards. Angie was smart enough to take a picture of the bike with her camera phone, but the license place was bent so we couldn't read to numbers. The police came and there wasn't much they could do, but he did take a copy of the picture Angie took in case the thieves are caught in the future and can be linked to this crime as well. Earlier in the week, another friends car was broken into at the church parking lot and his wallet, jump drive with papers from college, school books, stereo, and other items were taken.

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Anonymous said...

That is the saddest enrichment I've ever heard of! Poor Stacy! Note to self: don't leave anything in your car to be stolen.