12 December 2011

Best Peppermint Ice Cream

Lohra and I have been searching for the perfect peppermint ice cream for several years and while it's been a difficult task, we finally succeeded. And the winner is... Schwan's. I ordered the ice cream earlier in the week and was so excited when the Schwan's man arrived at my door Friday afternoon. He kept asking if he could come back in two weeks in case I wanted something else and I assured him that peppermint ice cream is all I'll ever need. I can't believe I waited until Sunday to have a taste.

The peppermint chunks(I dislike that word) don't become all gooey and gross like other brands and the ice cream is peppermint flavored as well. The ice cream is green which is usually a deal breaker for me but I am glad I overcame the fear of unnatural green items(aka green yogurt or any food colored with green food coloring-blech) and tried the goodness. 

I still have one unopened carton in my freezer to be eaten in the near future and there is always the option to buy more. Yum!

Rach, me, Simon, Shanny D, Meags, and Lohra

Best peppermint ice cream...ever


Deanna said...

I despise dyed green foods too. People that drink green colored milk for St. Patrick's day make me want to throw up. Good to know I'm not the only one :)

Ralph Mortensen said...

The ice cream is great and I never thought about it being green, of course I have had green eggs and ham for a youth activity. Oh and the carton that you left home. It is just a carton now. Delicious.

Tennille said...

100% agreed. Now if I could just locate a Schwann's man!!