04 August 2011

Let's Make a Deal

Dear Groupon/Daily Deals/Living Social, etc:

I have not purchased a deal in the past month because I do not need my carpet cleaned nor my car detailed. Well, I could use the car detailing, but I'd rather purchase 2 for 1 movie passes or $25 in sushi for $10. I will say that the lack of great deals is helping me stay on budget so I guess I should be thanking you rather than complaining. Plus, I really should use the vouchers that I have purchased over the past several months. I fear this letter is not going as planned. Abort. Anyone want to go to a laser show at the Planetarium?

Ever in search of a good deal,


Teachinfourth said...

I'm all about deals.

I'd wait for a deal if I could get it...

Anonymous said...

Girl, you are so awesome...and totally I get your deals. I can't bring myself to buy sushi this time cause I bought the last one!

Lohra said...

No. Absolutely not. I once went to a laser show at the Planetarium on a date and I wanted to shout "ABORT ABORT ABORT" the whole time. I will come with you to sushi the next time...oh look at your next post, you totally got one! I'm in!