23 December 2009

Fire! Fire! Fire!

There are many times when I wonder if the fire alarm system at my place of residence actually works as the main system in the lobby often has a blinking error message. Today I learned that the alarm does work, even when there isn't a fire. I was getting ready to leave the condo when the alarm in our hallway started making a piercing sound that could wake even the heaviest of sleepers. I walked through the condo to make sure I wasn't a possible fire starter and then evacuated the building. Lights in the hallway were flashing and I'm pretty sure I sustained hearing loss from the blaring alarm while walking down the stairs. I stood outside with a couple of neighbors until the fire department gave us the okay to re-enter the building. I quickly gathered my bags and when I was safely in my car, I made an appointment with an audiologist to be fitted for hearing aids.

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Shannon said...

You know, your life is funny.