13 December 2009

Baby, it's cold outside

I was on I-15 South, heading to a party with a couple of friends when we saw a blue object jump out of the bed of the pick-up in the lane next to us and then heard a crash. We turned to look. I mean. The passengers turned to look while I stayed focused on the road. Yes, that's exactly what happened. The car behind the pick-up swerved to avoid the object and then placed a call on their cell phone. I imagine they were either calling the police or calling the number listed on the window of the pick-up in which the blue object once resided. My friends and I continued our journey to our destination when we saw a plastic swimming pool fly out of the same pick-up and shatter when it hit the pavement. The pick-up driver slowed down for a moment and the sped away. I'm sure they were upset about losing their swimming pool and having to explain to their children that swimming in 20 degree weather will have to wait. Or maybe they fill the pool with hot water and voila, the pool becomes a hot tub in only a matter of minutes.


Ralph Mortensen said...

Maybe they used the pool as an ice skating rink in the backyard.
That is one way to get rid of your garbage. Don't tie it down and then drive fast and it will all blow away.
Have a great day.

Tennille said...

Interestingly enough, I just had a conversation about this with Noelle the other day. I mentioned the weather had warmed up a bit (meaning that I could still feel my ears after taking Brin to the bus stop.) She immediately asked, "So, can I go swimming today?" Too bad you didn't stop to pick the pool up. We could have fun over Christmas break!