06 September 2011

Udderly Fantastic Fair

Sy made this poster for myself and my friends.

I love the horse races. 

Indian Relays are a must see at the fair. 

Entrance to the fair. Best way to spend Labor Day weekend. 

So many stamps. 
For as long as I can remember, Labor Day has been spent in B town with family and friends. My cousin Jackie and her family came home from New Mexico and we had a great time catching up. Some people attend their 5,10, 15 year high school reunions. Me? I go to the fair each year and have my own high school reunion. The fair began with a parade and then we spent several days eating a lot of food and attending events such as: horse races, Indian relay races, rodeo, Tractor Pull, and even an arm wrestling competition. I'm already counting down until E.I.S.F. 2012.

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courtney said...

I look forward to the parade and fair every year too. Wish I'd have bumped into you this year.