24 July 2009

Stop! I'm tired

Rugby tournament. 100 degrees. Black shorts. Black shirt. Running. Tackling. Exhaustion. Dehydration.

One rugby player loudly exclaimed "Stop. Stop. I'm tired." Everyone, including the player, started laughing and yet, you could tell there was some truth to his statement.

There are times in my life when I also want to yell "Stop! I'm tired." Those are usually the times I pack up and head to Idaho for some much need rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. You see, I'm not one of those people who receive energy and strength from spending time with others. I need some alone time. Scratch that. I crave alone time. And I guess the important thing is that I recognize when I've stretched myself too thin and need to take a step back. It can be easy to simply go along with life without much thought as to where I'm going and then one or a dozen things happen that cause me to realize that life is both precious and great. People care and want to help.

Life. Running. Ruminating. Tackling. Exhaustion. Joy.


Shannon said...

I like it--it's deep. And you even made an analogy to rugby.

Jennifer Mosher said...

I need some alone time. Scratch that. I crave alone time.

Lohra said...

You see? As your visiting teacher I just know it's better to leave you to yourself...but, uh, can I come see you soon?