28 April 2013


I walked by the bathroom and quickly ran to my room to grab my phone in order to take a picture of what I had seen. My dad was blow drying my mom's hair. I didn't take the picture because this was shocking or out of the ordinary for my parents but rather I wanted to capture and freeze the moment within a picture to be reviewed again and again. My mom recently had shoulder surgery and blow drying her hair is difficult and she continues to learn when to let go and ask for help and my dad continues to see a need and seeks to help.

As I drove to my home after witnessing this moment of love, my heart swelled and I bookmarked this moment in my head and my heart hopefully never to be forgotten. I believe love is not only demonstrated by the words we speak but also by our acts and our acceptance of such service.


Allison said...

so sweet. LOVE.

Kami said...

Oh my Shelley! This is the sweetest thing EVER! So cute. Love, Love, Love this so much!